Adult Easter Egg Tutorial!!! #yay #alcohol #drinks #easter #fun


Okay, this one will literally take under 5 minutes and is so so fun to receive!

Do it for an adult easter hunt for extra fun!

You will need:

large Easter eggs- large enough for small sample alcohols.  I found these at Walmart for $1 each.

Easter decorative grass or some filler for the egg- I actually used yarn because I had a bunch of it

little alcohol samples-make sure to take an egg with you so you know they fit!

string/yarn to wrap around the closed egg

a permanent marker

1) Place your filling inside your egg

2) Put the drinks inside making sure the egg still closes.

3) close egg

4) wrap outside of egg with yarn/string a couple of times, make a bow, and cut of extra

ee bow

5) Write a message or a name in permanent marker on the front of the egg

ee words

And your done! So ridiculously simple and so much fun to give and receive!


Easter Egg Card Tutorial #easy #quick #Easter

egg card done

This one is easy and appropriate for just about anyone.

I made a bunch of different versions as you can see below.

eggs in grass done

You will need:

a cricket machine with a grass pattern- if you do not have a cricket machine, then you can easily do a sample by hand and trace it onto paper and cut it out.

4 different shades of green paper for the grass

lots of different patterns and colors for your eggs- I used a bunch of scraps but it probably amounted to about 2 sheets of paper for 8 different cards…it depends on how many eggs you make and how many cards.  I would suggest using scraps and at least 6-7 different colors/patterns

circle hole punch

glue stick


black marker/white marker for writing

1 piece of white cardstock per card- a whole 12X12 sheet might make 2 cards depending on the size of your cards

Let’s get started!

egg papers

1) Cut your white piece of paper down to 2x the size card you want and fold it in half- this should now be the desired size.

2) Make your grass- either by hand or with a cricket machine.  Do it in all the shades of green you chose. For this tutorial, I used 4 different colors.  Make sure they are long enough to cover the width of the card.

egg collage layout

3) decide on your layout.  For this tutorial I did 4 rows of grass.   Lay down the layer at the top of the card first. Then move down until the bottom layer is the topmost layer.

egg lay layers  4) Glue them down but do not glue the blades of the grass           .

egg flip and cut layers  5) Then Flip it over and cut off the excess.

 egg punch  6) Grab your hole punch and start making a bunch of ‘eggs’ out of the many colored paper you  have.  Try to stick to a bunch of different patterns for a more colorful look.


eggs place  7) Decide where you want your eggs to go. Slide them in to determine proper height and angle.

egg cut  8) Once you have decided on placement. Take your scissors and cut off the bottom 1/3-1/4 of the egg.  This will give it a slightly more oval shape when you tuck it into the grass.

eggs in grass  9) Use your glue stick to cover the backside of the egg. Then slide it carefully back into place.  If desired, once eggs are all placed, you can add some glue to the back of the grass to stick it down as well.

Go Crazy placing your eggs!egg layouts10) Finish up with a nice message at the bottom in your white/black marker! And you are done! So easy!

egg card done

‘Hoppy Easter’ Rabbit Hole Card Tutorial #supereasy #socute


My favorite thing about this that it doesn’t need to be perfect! I mean, it’s a hole in the ground, so it’s not going to be perfectly round, and the bunny is fluffy and not going to look perfectly round.  Plus, I think it’s imperfection adds to the charm.

Anyway, here is the super easy, super quick tutorial!

You will need:

green paper (probably 2 sheets- one for card, one for grass)- I recommend a thicker cardstock so the marker won’t bleed through

white paper

black paper

pink paper (can be patterned) for soles of feet

Black marker


glue- I used tape mounting squares and a glue stick

hole punches – one for grass and one for bunny tail (the shape can vary)

Shapes to trace (I used a roll of tape for the large circle, the inside of the tape for the smaller circle, a bottle of lotion for the larger feet ovals, and a face wash bottle for the oval bunny soles).

bun tools1                bun tool collage

1) Fold your paper into the size of card you want.  Make sure it is rectangular and large enough for  your circles!

bun fold

2) Trace shapes and cut out.  Don’t stress too much about edges if you like the charm of mine. If not, fine tune your edges.bun shapes

Per card you need:

1 large black circle

1 smaller white circle

1 bunny tail

2 large white ovals for feet

2 smaller pink ovals for soles of feet

5-6 green grasses

3) Place pieces of tape or glue on the back of each. I did the tape so I could do all of it at once, but you can do glue one piece at a time.

bun shapetape

bun hole

4) Place black circle on the top half of the card in the center. Glue it down.

bun butt

5) Place white circle on top of the black circle, on the bottom half of it. Glue it down


bun legs

6) add the white feet to the bottom third of the white oval. Turn them at a diagonal angle, approximately 5 and 7 o’clock. Glue them down.

bun soles

7) add the pink soles to the feet. Glue them down.

bun tail

8) add the bunny tail in the center and above the feet.  The pics are hard to show the lines before they are outlined, so look at the finished product for placement.

9) glue down your grass. I used a gluestick for this because they were too small for tape. (I went a little out of order here and outlined first, but it’s more efficient to do it the way I am explaining it.)

bun gluegrass

10) Outline all your shapes. It will give all of them a cleaner edge. I recommend a fine tip marker for this. Don’t forget to add the 4 little lines for toes!

bun outline  bun complete outline  bun grass

11) Write your message at the bottom. And you are done!  Write a message on the inside and send it off!


“You Are My Lucky Charm” St. Patrick’s Day Gift #DIY #supereasy #lastminute


These are cute and simple and a great last minute gift for kids and grownups!

You will need:

lunch bags

lucky charms cereal

plastic spoons

solid construction paper (mine was dark green)

a lighter construction paper (for the letters to be easier to read)

lots of different alphabet stickers, or if you have good handwriting, then multiple colored for pens/markers

St. Patrick day stickers



glue (if your letters or stickers don’t have adhesive on them already)

First things first:

1) Pour the cereal into the bag and place the spoon inside as well. Seal well.

lucky charms 2

2) Take your darker construction paper and fold it in half. Measure the size of the bag so you know where to cut.  Remember to keep enough room on top for decorations and words!


3) Add your lighter paper by placing it in the center of the darker paper, and glue it down.

4) Write your message in alphabet letters! And decorate with St. Patrick’s day stickers!

5) When you are done, match it up with bag again and staple edges to edge of bag.

lc1 done

That’s it! It’s that simple!

Easter Popsicle Stick Puzzle! #DIY #popsiclesticks #Easter #gifts

easterpopsiclesticks        easterpoppuzzle

This is a super easy, fun project to do for Easter! It literally took more time for the paint to dry then for the rest of the project!

You will need:

popsicle sticks (I used 10 per puzzle)

painter’s tape


various color paints


paper/cardboard to put paints on

permanent marker



Alright so first set of tools: popsup1

1) Cut out a good chunk of tape off the roll

2) Begin to line up the popsicle sticks in a row along the tape. The tape serves to keep them together while you draw and paint.

3) Draw your design in pencil on the popsicle sticks.  You can have your popsicle sticks going vertically or horizontally for your design.

4) Grab your next set of tools:


Choose various colors based on your designs.  I chose pink, yellow, green, orange, and purple paints.

5) Pour a small amount of the colors you are going to use onto a piece of cardboard/ a plate/ anything to serve as your palate.

6) start painting your drawings.  Go in stages and wait for each color to dry before starting the next one.  Also remember that it doesn’t have to be perfectly on the line because you are going to outline it, so there is a tiny bit of room for smudges!

Here are my half done ones that were drying…

popbun popchick popegg

7) Once they are finally dry, grab your permanent marker and outline the characters.


8) Once you are done outlining, let it dry a bit more just to be sure.

9) If you want, when done, you can write numbers on the backside of the design to help younger kids figure out the puzzle. I chose not to.

10) Break apart the sticks; they will stick together a bit because of the paint.


Then grab your next set of tools


11) scramble your sticks up and hold them together and wrap them in some fun string!

popwrap2 And you are done! Mine are being mailed so it’s great that they are nice and compact for mailing plus super cute to boot!

That’s all folks, hope you enjoyed!


Linda Gottman’s Halloween Scrapbooks

So I just got back  home where all my scrapbooks are currently residing, and I wanted to add my aunt’s hard work to my site to be seen as well!

The work I am showing here is strictly Halloween….but that’s because I am kinda obsessed with it!   So every year for the past 6-7 years I have gone all out, and thrown a haunted house.  These scrapbooks have documented a lot of it.

Because there are literally hundreds of pages, I am only showing you the ones that are most representative, most fun, and most unique.

So without further adieu, here come the ghouls!

This was from when I was a kid….12 I think….pre-haunted house, but not pre-Halloween fun!

h27  h28 h29

This is a scrapbook of some of the puppies on Halloween!

h1  Check out the super cool sliding windows!

h3   h2

This is the first year we really started getting into it….I didn’t build a haunted house that year, but we dressed up as authentic pirates and terrorized the neighborhood! (I really pride myself on my costume’s authenticity and never ever just buy one from a party store!)

The story line here is all Linda Gottman’s idea!


h48 so there are these 3 pirates.

h47Two are brother and sister. The third is some scallywag named Pirate Dude Charles.

h43 And they were a happy trio.

h45And a fearsome brood!

h42 Until betrayal was discovered!h41 Little Eye- Big Eye attacked Pirate Dude but lost. Not wanting to be left out, Pirate Princess killed Pirate Dude.

But this was a raucous bunch, and death did not keep them from fighting…they came back as undead pirates…Continuously killing each other.


Until they had a thought! Let’s kill the civilians….

h40      The End

A little bit of the zombie Graveyard

h4 h5

Onto  the Insane Asylum!

h30  h21

Meet the Inmates

h32 h34 h35 h17

Feeding Time

h24 h25 h31

Setting the Stage for Visiting Hour

h22  h23h20

And Showtime!

h36 h33 h19 h18 h15 h16

Final Curtain Call!


Onto the Dollhouse!

h14h13h12h11h10h9h8THAT’S ALL FOLKS!

Tune in for more of Linda Gottman’s fun work!

Valentine Love and Candy Prescription Gift

vday1 This idea is so simple but does require some prep.

You will need:

2 week long medicine containers

7 different kinds of candy that fits inside the compartments

– I used skittles, m&ms, raisinets, lifesavers, candy corn, gummy bears, and sweethearts

7 strips of paper to write on

candy puns from the internet


Vday card or note

1) place each candy in a separate container

2) write one pun  per paper

3) fold paper and slip into corresponding compartment


4) write out vday note

And it’s really just that simple!