Easter Popsicle Stick Puzzle! #DIY #popsiclesticks #Easter #gifts

easterpopsiclesticks        easterpoppuzzle

This is a super easy, fun project to do for Easter! It literally took more time for the paint to dry then for the rest of the project!

You will need:

popsicle sticks (I used 10 per puzzle)

painter’s tape


various color paints


paper/cardboard to put paints on

permanent marker



Alright so first set of tools: popsup1

1) Cut out a good chunk of tape off the roll

2) Begin to line up the popsicle sticks in a row along the tape. The tape serves to keep them together while you draw and paint.

3) Draw your design in pencil on the popsicle sticks.  You can have your popsicle sticks going vertically or horizontally for your design.

4) Grab your next set of tools:


Choose various colors based on your designs.  I chose pink, yellow, green, orange, and purple paints.

5) Pour a small amount of the colors you are going to use onto a piece of cardboard/ a plate/ anything to serve as your palate.

6) start painting your drawings.  Go in stages and wait for each color to dry before starting the next one.  Also remember that it doesn’t have to be perfectly on the line because you are going to outline it, so there is a tiny bit of room for smudges!

Here are my half done ones that were drying…

popbun popchick popegg

7) Once they are finally dry, grab your permanent marker and outline the characters.


8) Once you are done outlining, let it dry a bit more just to be sure.

9) If you want, when done, you can write numbers on the backside of the design to help younger kids figure out the puzzle. I chose not to.

10) Break apart the sticks; they will stick together a bit because of the paint.


Then grab your next set of tools


11) scramble your sticks up and hold them together and wrap them in some fun string!

popwrap2 And you are done! Mine are being mailed so it’s great that they are nice and compact for mailing plus super cute to boot!

That’s all folks, hope you enjoyed!



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