Valentine Love and Candy Prescription Gift

vday1 This idea is so simple but does require some prep.

You will need:

2 week long medicine containers

7 different kinds of candy that fits inside the compartments

– I used skittles, m&ms, raisinets, lifesavers, candy corn, gummy bears, and sweethearts

7 strips of paper to write on

candy puns from the internet


Vday card or note

1) place each candy in a separate container

2) write one pun  per paper

3) fold paper and slip into corresponding compartment


4) write out vday note

And it’s really just that simple!


Funny, Truthful Valentines Card for Your Significant Other!

I love offbeat, funny valentine’s cards…and this one is very simple and fits the bill.  Great for a significant other or easily modifiable for children, friends, family, or coworkers!


vday2And then you open it to see a design on the back too!

This is actually very easy and can be done in about 10 minutes.

You will need:

-1 white piece of paper for card

-1 red piece of paper for inner heart

-1 valentines/love themed/ accent colored piece of paper for the outer heart



-straight edge / ruler

-black marker


1) Decide the dimensions of your card on the white paper. Draw the straight lines on the backside of the paper with the straight edge and pencil.

2) Cut off the excess paper and remove any stray pencil marks.

3) Take your red piece of paper and use the edge to draw half a heart.  Make sure it fits on your card before you cut it out.

4) Then fold your red piece of paper in half so when you cut in the heart you get 2 halves. Cut it out.

5) Then grab your other piece of paper, the accent or valentine’s themed one. Flip the paper over to the back and again use the edge for the middle of your heart.

6) Using the red heart template, draw a slightly larger heart on the backside of the accent sheet.

7) fold the accent sheet over so that when you cut it, you get 2 sides of the heart.  Cut it out.

8)Take the white sheet of paper and fold it in half to form your card.

9) Decide on placement on the outer heart, making sure to line it up with the fold of the card so that when opened completely, it closes the heart.

vday1 (my pictures were done after the fact…oops!)

10) Then glue the outer heart onto the white card.

11) Then decide on placement of the inner heart and glue it on top of the outer heart the same way.

12) Then decide on word placement…I wanted the I love you to be in the heart.

13) It’s easiest to start out lightly with a pencil to write the words. Vary the lettering for a fun effect!

14)  Then trace it with your black marker.

15) Add a few hearts or accents to jazz it up!

16) Write your message on the inside, and if you want, add a fun one to the back heart as well!

You are done!

SO cute and so fun! I know my boyfriend will get a kick out of it!


Last minute ‘Worth Melting For’ Olaf Valentine! #Valentine #supereasy

Looking for a last minute valentine for Valentine’s Day? This cute and easy valentine will give the bang of a more time consuming project and is so easy you can whip them out in just a few minutes!

So presenting: ‘Worth Melting For’ Olaf Valentines!

worth melting for

These are super easy and sooooo cute!

Here’s what you’ll need:


-large marshmallows

-mini marshmallows

-pretzels (I used regular curvy ones, but you can use stick ones too)

-candy corn

-small chocolate pieces (you can use chocolate chips or sprinkles)


-snack plastic bags

Message Card:

-glue dots (or other clear drying glue or tape)

-Olaf printable like this one…

            I suggest putting a bunch of small ones onto a word document and printing it out

-coloring pencils (to color Olaf!…or you could just print a colored one)

-winter themed scrapbook paper

-white scrapbook paper




-straight edge


-small box


Ok lets make these things!

Let’s Build a Snowman First!

1st set

1) Separate out the pieces: I am going to do this tutorial for one at a time for simplicity’s sake.

piecesSeparate out 3 large marshmallows for the snowman.

2 small marshmallows for the legs.

2 pretzels for the arms.

1 candy corn for nose.

2 toothpicks to connect your snowman- break them in half

2 black sprinkles for eyes

3 black sprinkles for buttons

5 black sprinkles for a mouth

2) Place all of the above in a snack bag…stack them kinda like a snowman for a cuter effect.

snowmanTo do this, I turned the top one vertically for the head, the middle one on it’s side, and the bottom one horizontally.

And then of course the little ones as feet beneath it.

3) If you are making multiples, now is the best time to make a bunch.

                                            finished snowmen 2

Now let’s make a card…and not just any card, an Olaf card!

coloring olaf4) If you are coloring Olaf, grab your colored pencils and your coloring template and start doodling! If you printed it in color then I guess you can skip this step.

For your information, Olaf has brown wooden arms and twigs in his hair. An orange nose. A black inside of his mouth and black buttons.

Once you have colored him, cut him out carefully.  Use his whole body and you can trim to fit later on.

Again. for multiples, it’s best to do all of the same thing t once so get your inner kid on and start coloring! Or get the kids to do it!

5) Choose your background for the card. Make it a winter themed one. Mine is a blue shiny snowflake one, which has a nice shiny colorful sheen to it. I made 4 valentines, so I only needed one 12 x12 sheet.

snow colored paper

paper size6) I measured the bag against the paper and cut the paper into 4 rectangles. Remember that you are going to fold it over onto the bag so make sure it is large enough to halve. Use a straight edge to draw your lines and then cut along the lines to cut out the rectangle.




7) Once you have the rectangles cut, fold them in half and compare to your plastic bags again just in case they need trimming.

fold in half

8) Next grab your white piece of construction paper and draw a cloud. Make sure it fits onto the card but is also large enough so that you can write on it. Cut out the cloud (or clouds for multiples).

9) Decide what you want to say and write it on the card. I wrote  a play on the ‘some people are worth melting for’ line.

10) Now gab your gluedots or glue and Olaf.  Decide where you are going to place Olaf on card and place the glue on the back accordingly. Then place Olaf on the card.

glue dots 2  placing olaf

11) Then grab your cloud and put glue on the back of it and place it on the card as well. Almost done!

12) Grab your stapler and staple the card to bag on the sides.worth melting for

You Are Done!

Unless…you want to up the cute factor a notch! 😉

I am mailing mine so I wanted a cute box to put them in.

   in a box

decorating the boxI used an old check box and covered it in a brown paper bog. I cut it in half and then folded over the edges and stapled them onto the box. Then grab some twine or string to tie the box closed. You can also write the address right on the box. Now here is the fun part, add the ‘Do you want to build a snowman’ message to the outside of the box!

And this is your finished product! Yay, all done and so so so cute! finished box

Love Bug Mason Jar Valentine’s Card

love bug 5

So I saw a version of this on pinterest and just thought it was so cute!

I always send my peeps vday cards because, well, it’s just cute and I know it makes them smile.  So they always have to be super corny and have candy! : )

These are easy but a little time consuming because coloring nicely takes a long time lol.

You will need:

love bug 2

1) Find a mason jar print out you like or use this one, that I used.

2) Find something round to trace.  I used the bottom of a cup. Use your pencil to trace a circle in the center of the jar, making it slightly smaller than the jar itself.

3) Decide on your colors. I chose pinks for this one.  Grab 2 or 3 similar pinks, so you can give it a more dimensional color.  Start with the in between color. Lightly color the whole jar horizontally. Then repeat vertically, at a right diagonal, and at a left diagonal.  This should give you a nice blended look.  Then go slightly heavier with the light color. This time, you don’t have to be as thorough on your coloring because it is an accent color…i.e. you can do 2 quick passes.    Then choose the darkest color and very lightly, make 2 quick passes…remember this is also a subtle accent color.

4) Design.  If you would like to do a design like polka dots or stripes, use the darkest color to draw it.

5) Once you are done coloring, grab a paper towel.  Rub the colored area with a decent amount of force. Give it a good 30 second rub. This helps blend the colors and take off some of the excess.

6) Then grab your black pen or pencil and write your message. Leave a space where the O is, for the heart, in LOVE. Draw the heart and fill in with your red pen.

7)  Next cut it out, carefully staying in the lines.   For the circle, it’ easiest to stable a whole in the center with your scissors and then cut a few slits around your hole to make it easier to cut.

8) Next set of supplies:

love bug 3

9) Slip your jar into the plastic snack bag with the shorter part to the back of the jar; make sure it is one of those fold and lock snack bags.

10) Fold the bag in half, like so.  You should have 2 compartments, one with the jar, one for gummies.

love bug 4

11) Line up the edges and staple the sides, very close to the edge and not stapling the jar itself.

12) Slip the gummies into the second compartment, making sure to fill up the window in the mason jar.

13) Flip the bag over and fold the excess into a thin layer on the back top area of the bag. This should require one fold down the back, and then at least one fold back up to the top so it doesn’t go all the way down the back of the jar. Staple it shut.

And your done! Make a bunch of different designs and give to your friends for a cute, simple vday card.

love bug 1