“You Are My Lucky Charm” St. Patrick’s Day Gift #DIY #supereasy #lastminute


These are cute and simple and a great last minute gift for kids and grownups!

You will need:

lunch bags

lucky charms cereal

plastic spoons

solid construction paper (mine was dark green)

a lighter construction paper (for the letters to be easier to read)

lots of different alphabet stickers, or if you have good handwriting, then multiple colored for pens/markers

St. Patrick day stickers



glue (if your letters or stickers don’t have adhesive on them already)

First things first:

1) Pour the cereal into the bag and place the spoon inside as well. Seal well.

lucky charms 2

2) Take your darker construction paper and fold it in half. Measure the size of the bag so you know where to cut.  Remember to keep enough room on top for decorations and words!


3) Add your lighter paper by placing it in the center of the darker paper, and glue it down.

4) Write your message in alphabet letters! And decorate with St. Patrick’s day stickers!

5) When you are done, match it up with bag again and staple edges to edge of bag.

lc1 done

That’s it! It’s that simple!