Adult Easter Egg Tutorial!!! #yay #alcohol #drinks #easter #fun


Okay, this one will literally take under 5 minutes and is so so fun to receive!

Do it for an adult easter hunt for extra fun!

You will need:

large Easter eggs- large enough for small sample alcohols.  I found these at Walmart for $1 each.

Easter decorative grass or some filler for the egg- I actually used yarn because I had a bunch of it

little alcohol samples-make sure to take an egg with you so you know they fit!

string/yarn to wrap around the closed egg

a permanent marker

1) Place your filling inside your egg

2) Put the drinks inside making sure the egg still closes.

3) close egg

4) wrap outside of egg with yarn/string a couple of times, make a bow, and cut of extra

ee bow

5) Write a message or a name in permanent marker on the front of the egg

ee words

And your done! So ridiculously simple and so much fun to give and receive!


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