Love Bug Mason Jar Valentine’s Card

love bug 5

So I saw a version of this on pinterest and just thought it was so cute!

I always send my peeps vday cards because, well, it’s just cute and I know it makes them smile.  So they always have to be super corny and have candy! : )

These are easy but a little time consuming because coloring nicely takes a long time lol.

You will need:

love bug 2

1) Find a mason jar print out you like or use this one, that I used.

2) Find something round to trace.  I used the bottom of a cup. Use your pencil to trace a circle in the center of the jar, making it slightly smaller than the jar itself.

3) Decide on your colors. I chose pinks for this one.  Grab 2 or 3 similar pinks, so you can give it a more dimensional color.  Start with the in between color. Lightly color the whole jar horizontally. Then repeat vertically, at a right diagonal, and at a left diagonal.  This should give you a nice blended look.  Then go slightly heavier with the light color. This time, you don’t have to be as thorough on your coloring because it is an accent color…i.e. you can do 2 quick passes.    Then choose the darkest color and very lightly, make 2 quick passes…remember this is also a subtle accent color.

4) Design.  If you would like to do a design like polka dots or stripes, use the darkest color to draw it.

5) Once you are done coloring, grab a paper towel.  Rub the colored area with a decent amount of force. Give it a good 30 second rub. This helps blend the colors and take off some of the excess.

6) Then grab your black pen or pencil and write your message. Leave a space where the O is, for the heart, in LOVE. Draw the heart and fill in with your red pen.

7)  Next cut it out, carefully staying in the lines.   For the circle, it’ easiest to stable a whole in the center with your scissors and then cut a few slits around your hole to make it easier to cut.

8) Next set of supplies:

love bug 3

9) Slip your jar into the plastic snack bag with the shorter part to the back of the jar; make sure it is one of those fold and lock snack bags.

10) Fold the bag in half, like so.  You should have 2 compartments, one with the jar, one for gummies.

love bug 4

11) Line up the edges and staple the sides, very close to the edge and not stapling the jar itself.

12) Slip the gummies into the second compartment, making sure to fill up the window in the mason jar.

13) Flip the bag over and fold the excess into a thin layer on the back top area of the bag. This should require one fold down the back, and then at least one fold back up to the top so it doesn’t go all the way down the back of the jar. Staple it shut.

And your done! Make a bunch of different designs and give to your friends for a cute, simple vday card.

love bug 1


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