Easter Egg Card Tutorial #easy #quick #Easter

egg card done

This one is easy and appropriate for just about anyone.

I made a bunch of different versions as you can see below.

eggs in grass done

You will need:

a cricket machine with a grass pattern- if you do not have a cricket machine, then you can easily do a sample by hand and trace it onto paper and cut it out.

4 different shades of green paper for the grass

lots of different patterns and colors for your eggs- I used a bunch of scraps but it probably amounted to about 2 sheets of paper for 8 different cards…it depends on how many eggs you make and how many cards.  I would suggest using scraps and at least 6-7 different colors/patterns

circle hole punch

glue stick


black marker/white marker for writing

1 piece of white cardstock per card- a whole 12X12 sheet might make 2 cards depending on the size of your cards

Let’s get started!

egg papers

1) Cut your white piece of paper down to 2x the size card you want and fold it in half- this should now be the desired size.

2) Make your grass- either by hand or with a cricket machine.  Do it in all the shades of green you chose. For this tutorial, I used 4 different colors.  Make sure they are long enough to cover the width of the card.

egg collage layout

3) decide on your layout.  For this tutorial I did 4 rows of grass.   Lay down the layer at the top of the card first. Then move down until the bottom layer is the topmost layer.

egg lay layers  4) Glue them down but do not glue the blades of the grass           .

egg flip and cut layers  5) Then Flip it over and cut off the excess.

 egg punch  6) Grab your hole punch and start making a bunch of ‘eggs’ out of the many colored paper you  have.  Try to stick to a bunch of different patterns for a more colorful look.


eggs place  7) Decide where you want your eggs to go. Slide them in to determine proper height and angle.

egg cut  8) Once you have decided on placement. Take your scissors and cut off the bottom 1/3-1/4 of the egg.  This will give it a slightly more oval shape when you tuck it into the grass.

eggs in grass  9) Use your glue stick to cover the backside of the egg. Then slide it carefully back into place.  If desired, once eggs are all placed, you can add some glue to the back of the grass to stick it down as well.

Go Crazy placing your eggs!egg layouts10) Finish up with a nice message at the bottom in your white/black marker! And you are done! So easy!

egg card done


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