How to make a statement mirrored wall! #upcycled #cheap

So remember we were talking about statement pieces and mirror walls in my ikea Mirror Wall tutorial?
Well this is another one of those statement walls.


This wall is a statement for 2 reasons: the mirrors and the branch centerpiece (which will be my next post!). You can see the hanging candles if you look closely…. Oh and my cat litter and cat food lol.


Sigh,  such is the life of the crazy cat lady!

OK so here’s what you will need:
3 mirrors
Screwdriver for any hardware left on
Painters tape
Medium and small paint brushes
Clear coat spray paint/paint
Hanging supplies (wire, screws, mounting tape)
A great wall to put it on

So here’s what I started with…


Good base!!! (please ignore the background… We were moving at this point!) So this I actually picked up from a lady for $5 off Craigslist.   It was the trifold mirror top piece to a dresser.
Because the base pieces were so good,  there really wasn’t much work to do besides a new coat of paint!  Woo-hoo!
1. So we removed the hinges and hardware.
2. Then I taped off the mirror really well.    If you want,  you can just use Painters tape for this part,  but I also used scrap paper just in case I made a mess.
3. Then I lightly sanded it down with sandpaper. I focused specifically on the nooks and crevices because they were harder to get to. Wipe dust away.
4. One your surface is dust free,  grab your paint!  Because our wall was yellow,  I chose white for the mirrors for a clean pop.   But if your walls are white,  you can easily make the mirrors a fun color to match your decor.
5. I painted the majority of the mirror with the medium brush and used the fine brush to get into the harder to reach areas.
6. Let dry.
7. Clear coat that sucker!  So if you are lazy like me,  and would just rather spray paint it,  if you haven’t already,  then now would be a good time to tape down some paper or a bag on top of the mirror so you don’t get paint everywhere.     If you do get some overspray on the mirror,  use a razor blade to gently scrape it off.
8. Let dry.
9. To hang we used 3 rows of thick fishing wire and mounting tape.
We attached the wire onto the back of each piece and then put it on the wall.   This is definitely a two man job so you can get placement and evenness down.
10. Once the mirrors are in place,  add plenty of heavy duty mounting tape to the corners to keep them from shifting or falling.
Now step back and enjoy!

Oh wait!  Are you dying to see that branch centerpiece I was talking about?     Here’s a sneak peak!!!!


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Drawer repurposed as cabinet floor

This was a very simple idea my boyfriend had that I thought was too creative not to share.
Our cabinets under the sink are dumb…. They are pretty unfinished.   There is no bottom, except a concrete floor.  In addition,  because it is wedged between the washing machine and the dishwasher,  there are no side cabinet panels either.    Oh and the fixtures are a bit old,  so the pipes are also pretty huge.    Such is the nature of apartment living.
Initially my boyfriend wanted to build an entire bottom,  but let’s face it… That’s a lot of work for an apartment… Plus not sure they would approve upon move out…..
So he came up with this great temporary fix.
We had been hanging onto these drawers (from my leftover desk project) for a few months, for no particular reason.  In fact,  I  was about to throw them out (mostly to prevent myself from taking on another project) when he came up with this.



These are just flipped over drawers…. They fit perfectly and another great idea by my oh so creative and thrifty boyfriend.

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Apartment hide away trash can

So my apartment kitchen is really lacking in space,  so utilizing cabinets and wall space is a must.   I really wanted to have slide out trash cans… But our space was too small and not fit for it.   BOO!  So,  my boyfriend,  being the creative and thrifty man he is,  came up with this super easy,  super quick fix.


Keep in mind,  there is barely any space in the cabinets, and letting them sit on the floor was difficult to utilize regularly and taking up valuable space.    This was a lot cheaper and easier to change regularly.   Plus,  it’s an apartment and we are on a budget,  so quick workable fixes are fabulous here.
So here’s a closer up of what he did.


You will need:
a small waste bin that fits on the door.  2 brackets that extend the base of the bin.
2 screw hooks.
Bungee cord.

Screw them in,  tie on the bungee cord,  and slide in the bin.   Done!  We have one for trash and one for recycling,  and now the extra space is able to hold all the cleaning products.

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Diy 2 ingredient odor absorbers

This is so easy I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before.  With a house full of cats, comes a house full of litter boxes… Sigh!  But since that’s the price for warm,  purring, fuzzy bodies,  I just have to find ways to cope.    But as any pet owner knows,  these odors can be hard to dispel.
Most of us know of the wonders of baking soda. But as much as I have tried,  I could not find a way that worked to dispel the litter box odor.    I had tried sprinkling it inside the litter box,  combining it with activated charcoal,  leaving an open box near the litter box…. The results were minimal.
Then I found this recipe for an odor absorber by Mom 4 Real.
Her recipe calls for a small mason jar, paper for lid, baking soda,  and essential oil of choice.
She uses 1/2 cup baking soda,  wrapping paper,  and lavender oil.
I chose not to measure the amount of baking soda that I put into the jar,  because,  well I’m lazy… I just poured it in until it was mostly full.   I used scrapbook paper for the lid because it was sturdier than wrapping paper.   And I used Edens Garden Purify Essential Oil.   I put around 20 drops in each container.
Then I mixed it up with my finger to disburse,  and placed on the lid as instructed.
So far,  it has worked better than anything else I’ve used.   I’m not sure how long until I have to replace it,  but I’m suspecting about 2-3 months.
My diy pictures are shown below.


4 Oz mason jars from Amazon




Not sure why this pic is so grainy 😦



There you have it!  For more detailed instructions, please check out Mom 4 Reals’ blog,  linked above.

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Moving announcements!!! #supereasy #lazy #socute

Alright so these are the easiest, fastest, cutest moving announcements ever! Haha!

They didn’t cost me anything because I had the supplies, but if you need to get the supplies it will just be the cost of a few sheets of scrapbook paper!

So, I know I haven’t posted a bunch, sorry, it’s been absolutely chaos at my apartment because, you guessed it, we are moving! So I really needed something fast and easy and that didn’t require pulling out all my scrapbook gear from the box it’s now packed in!

All you need is:
-double sided calendar paper, either from a calendar or loose leaf from the scrapbook paper section.
-black marker, or whatever color-not permanent because it might bleed through the paper though!

That’s it.. I know!!!

OK so the paper you want will look like this (ignore my premature cutting). On the back, it has the same border pattern but with lines to write on.

You can either use the bottom section, like I did with the months, or the top sections with the days of the week…. Or both for 2 slightly different cards!
I cut a size that fit well in my envelope, about 4×3 squares. I got 3 sheets from a 12×12 page.
Cut it out.

As you can see, I used the months in thus tutorial, but you can use days of the week too.
Take your marker and on the first row, write ‘we are moving’ or something similar.
Then for the second or third row, write the number date that you move on.
And then circle the month you move.
Then flip it over and write in your new address! Yay!
Excuse the blue lines here but I had to hide my actual address…. It looks much cleaner, like the bottom part in reality lol.
Don’t forget to sign with love!

And you’re done! Stick it in a card and be done with it! It literally took me 20 minutes to do 12, which was such a relief to check something else off without a ton of effort!
I hope you enjoyed these!

As I said, it’s been utter chaos at my apartment. We are moving late September so there are lots of projects and lots of packing going on! That does mean I won’t be posting a whole bunch because most projects are in the works and I want you to see then in the new place…. But I will try to keep giving you sneak peaks! In fact, I just posted sneak peeks 3 and 4, so go check them out! Bear with me guys, I haven’t forgotten about yall, and I think it will be worth the wait!

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DIY Laundry Detergent that actually works, for about $20/yr!


So I have been considering doing this for a while because, well, it just seems like a very expensive convenience. If you recall, I am a graduate student living off of loans, so saving money is priority numero uno! But that doesn’t mean I will wear dirty clothes to save money on detergent….so there had to be some happy medium!

Cue pinterest and this ladies’ wonderful recipe found at Coupon Closet.  I followed it to the letter and it worked miracles.  I have a few cats and one has had some trouble adjusting to the others so she has been urinating on my clothes (grr!)!  So it was vital to have a good detergent!

As the blogger states, this works because it has so many cleaning agents in it!

I was skeptical about only needing a tbsp., but my boyfriend was downright against it.  So I did a batch of laundry with 1 tbsp. before he even had a chance to protest.  When I asked him how it smelled and looked, he said it looked and smelled great!  When I broke the news, he was flabbergasted and proceeded to do a few more loads with 1 tbsp. each just to see if it was true! And it was!

Amazing stuff!

My batch made enough for 2 gallon jars and about 1/3 of the oxiclean container.  At 1 tbsp. a load, it will definitely last forever and will likely be well worth the $20 up front!  She breaks down the numbers on her blog and says it comes out to over 500 loads!

This was so easy and took me maybe 20 minutes. I could not be happier and am very glad to have found such a great recipe!

Be sure to check out her blog so you can make some for yourself!


How to make your own picture emoticons! Well kinda lol #diy #fun #expressions

For my best friend’s birthday, I decided it would be funny to send her various facial expressions to tell her happy birthday.  She loved it and it occurred to me that it might be fun to send pictures like this for texts and messages regularly….so I created my own emoticons.

The following are some of the fun ones I did:

scared question poutthoughtsmad what

All I did was take fun pictures of myself…and believe me there were like a hundred to weed through. And then I used this photo editor to play with them:

I am having fun with them and my friends and family seem to get a kick out of them  Plus they are way more expressive than emoticons!

Anyway, just some random fun!