‘Hoppy Easter’ Rabbit Hole Card Tutorial #supereasy #socute


My favorite thing about this that it doesn’t need to be perfect! I mean, it’s a hole in the ground, so it’s not going to be perfectly round, and the bunny is fluffy and not going to look perfectly round.  Plus, I think it’s imperfection adds to the charm.

Anyway, here is the super easy, super quick tutorial!

You will need:

green paper (probably 2 sheets- one for card, one for grass)- I recommend a thicker cardstock so the marker won’t bleed through

white paper

black paper

pink paper (can be patterned) for soles of feet

Black marker


glue- I used tape mounting squares and a glue stick

hole punches – one for grass and one for bunny tail (the shape can vary)

Shapes to trace (I used a roll of tape for the large circle, the inside of the tape for the smaller circle, a bottle of lotion for the larger feet ovals, and a face wash bottle for the oval bunny soles).

bun tools1                bun tool collage

1) Fold your paper into the size of card you want.  Make sure it is rectangular and large enough for  your circles!

bun fold

2) Trace shapes and cut out.  Don’t stress too much about edges if you like the charm of mine. If not, fine tune your edges.bun shapes

Per card you need:

1 large black circle

1 smaller white circle

1 bunny tail

2 large white ovals for feet

2 smaller pink ovals for soles of feet

5-6 green grasses

3) Place pieces of tape or glue on the back of each. I did the tape so I could do all of it at once, but you can do glue one piece at a time.

bun shapetape

bun hole

4) Place black circle on the top half of the card in the center. Glue it down.

bun butt

5) Place white circle on top of the black circle, on the bottom half of it. Glue it down


bun legs

6) add the white feet to the bottom third of the white oval. Turn them at a diagonal angle, approximately 5 and 7 o’clock. Glue them down.

bun soles

7) add the pink soles to the feet. Glue them down.

bun tail

8) add the bunny tail in the center and above the feet.  The pics are hard to show the lines before they are outlined, so look at the finished product for placement.

9) glue down your grass. I used a gluestick for this because they were too small for tape. (I went a little out of order here and outlined first, but it’s more efficient to do it the way I am explaining it.)

bun gluegrass

10) Outline all your shapes. It will give all of them a cleaner edge. I recommend a fine tip marker for this. Don’t forget to add the 4 little lines for toes!

bun outline  bun complete outline  bun grass

11) Write your message at the bottom. And you are done!  Write a message on the inside and send it off!



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