Tanya Villarreal Woodcut Original Artwork

My grandma gave this to me the other day which is very significant because it is an original of one of her favorite pieces as an artist.  She says it is a Woodcut using sepia inks.

I particularly love the texture on the mountains and clouds.  Beautiful work, as usual!

I made it kinda large so you can see all the textures.


If you would like to check out more of her work, please buy her book on Amazon!



Another beautiful work from Tanya Villarreal #dragon #art

Here is another great piece of art from Tanya Villarreal.  My boyfriend really wanted a dragon so my grandma stepped a little out of her realm to do a beautiful combination of various dragons. He was beyond thrilled with the result!


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Tanya Villarreal Seasons Quilt


My grandma, Tanya, made this for me a while back and I am just now getting around to posting it.

It has truly fabulous detailing and very lovely colors.  I like it very much.

It is very large so I had to take multiple pics so you can see all of it!

gc2      gc3 gc4                                    gc5 gc6           gc7

Tanya Villarreal’s artwork (my gma)

I am super proud to be posting this on my page.   My grandma is an amazing artist and many of works can be found in our house.   She has recently given me a few pieces to deck out my new apartment and I love them so I thought I would share.





You can check out more of her artwork at Amazon.com where she has a book for sale.


Izzie’s First Christmas
by Tanya E. Villarreal

– Taylor Luster