Tanya Villarreal Woodcut Original Artwork

My grandma gave this to me the other day which is very significant because it is an original of one of her favorite pieces as an artist.  She says it is a Woodcut using sepia inks.

I particularly love the texture on the mountains and clouds.  Beautiful work, as usual!

I made it kinda large so you can see all the textures.


If you would like to check out more of her work, please buy her book on Amazon!



Another beautiful work from Tanya Villarreal #dragon #art

Here is another great piece of art from Tanya Villarreal.  My boyfriend really wanted a dragon so my grandma stepped a little out of her realm to do a beautiful combination of various dragons. He was beyond thrilled with the result!


For more fabulous artwork, don’t forget to check out her book now for sale on Amazon!




Tanya Villarreal Seasons Quilt


My grandma, Tanya, made this for me a while back and I am just now getting around to posting it.

It has truly fabulous detailing and very lovely colors.  I like it very much.

It is very large so I had to take multiple pics so you can see all of it!

gc2      gc3 gc4                                    gc5 gc6           gc7

Linda Gottman’s Halloween Scrapbooks

So I just got back  home where all my scrapbooks are currently residing, and I wanted to add my aunt’s hard work to my site to be seen as well!

The work I am showing here is strictly Halloween….but that’s because I am kinda obsessed with it!   So every year for the past 6-7 years I have gone all out, and thrown a haunted house.  These scrapbooks have documented a lot of it.

Because there are literally hundreds of pages, I am only showing you the ones that are most representative, most fun, and most unique.

So without further adieu, here come the ghouls!

This was from when I was a kid….12 I think….pre-haunted house, but not pre-Halloween fun!

h27  h28 h29

This is a scrapbook of some of the puppies on Halloween!

h1  Check out the super cool sliding windows!

h3   h2

This is the first year we really started getting into it….I didn’t build a haunted house that year, but we dressed up as authentic pirates and terrorized the neighborhood! (I really pride myself on my costume’s authenticity and never ever just buy one from a party store!)

The story line here is all Linda Gottman’s idea!


h48 so there are these 3 pirates.

h47Two are brother and sister. The third is some scallywag named Pirate Dude Charles.

h43 And they were a happy trio.

h45And a fearsome brood!

h42 Until betrayal was discovered!h41 Little Eye- Big Eye attacked Pirate Dude but lost. Not wanting to be left out, Pirate Princess killed Pirate Dude.

But this was a raucous bunch, and death did not keep them from fighting…they came back as undead pirates…Continuously killing each other.


Until they had a thought! Let’s kill the civilians….

h40      The End

A little bit of the zombie Graveyard

h4 h5

Onto  the Insane Asylum!

h30  h21

Meet the Inmates

h32 h34 h35 h17

Feeding Time

h24 h25 h31

Setting the Stage for Visiting Hour

h22  h23h20

And Showtime!

h36 h33 h19 h18 h15 h16

Final Curtain Call!


Onto the Dollhouse!

h14h13h12h11h10h9h8THAT’S ALL FOLKS!

Tune in for more of Linda Gottman’s fun work!

Tanya Villarreal’s artwork (my gma)

I am super proud to be posting this on my page.   My grandma is an amazing artist and many of works can be found in our house.   She has recently given me a few pieces to deck out my new apartment and I love them so I thought I would share.





You can check out more of her artwork at Amazon.com where she has a book for sale.


Izzie’s First Christmas
by Tanya E. Villarreal

– Taylor Luster