Mother’s day mini pot of lipstick

So this year,  my mom has been scouring stores for the perfect shade of red lipstick.   But has run into problems because she didn’t peer review the ones she bought so she was going in blind.  So for mothers day,  I bought her 5 of the best reasonably priced lipstick I could find and put them in this cute mini Terra cotta pot.


To decorate the pot you will need:
A mini Terra cotta pot (dollar store 3 for $1)
Spray paint
Paint markers
Clear coat spray paint

I gave a good purple base coat on the pot with the spray paint.  Then I waited until it dried and started decorating with the paint markers.  I wanted to keep it simple so polka dots and a little lining.  Then I clear coated the whole thing and waited overnight for it to dry.
Shove the lipsticks in (they were a little too big for my pot 😦 )  and you’re done.

– Taylor Luster