Linda Gottman’s Halloween Scrapbooks

So I just got back  home where all my scrapbooks are currently residing, and I wanted to add my aunt’s hard work to my site to be seen as well!

The work I am showing here is strictly Halloween….but that’s because I am kinda obsessed with it!   So every year for the past 6-7 years I have gone all out, and thrown a haunted house.  These scrapbooks have documented a lot of it.

Because there are literally hundreds of pages, I am only showing you the ones that are most representative, most fun, and most unique.

So without further adieu, here come the ghouls!

This was from when I was a kid….12 I think….pre-haunted house, but not pre-Halloween fun!

h27  h28 h29

This is a scrapbook of some of the puppies on Halloween!

h1  Check out the super cool sliding windows!

h3   h2

This is the first year we really started getting into it….I didn’t build a haunted house that year, but we dressed up as authentic pirates and terrorized the neighborhood! (I really pride myself on my costume’s authenticity and never ever just buy one from a party store!)

The story line here is all Linda Gottman’s idea!


h48 so there are these 3 pirates.

h47Two are brother and sister. The third is some scallywag named Pirate Dude Charles.

h43 And they were a happy trio.

h45And a fearsome brood!

h42 Until betrayal was discovered!h41 Little Eye- Big Eye attacked Pirate Dude but lost. Not wanting to be left out, Pirate Princess killed Pirate Dude.

But this was a raucous bunch, and death did not keep them from fighting…they came back as undead pirates…Continuously killing each other.


Until they had a thought! Let’s kill the civilians….

h40      The End

A little bit of the zombie Graveyard

h4 h5

Onto  the Insane Asylum!

h30  h21

Meet the Inmates

h32 h34 h35 h17

Feeding Time

h24 h25 h31

Setting the Stage for Visiting Hour

h22  h23h20

And Showtime!

h36 h33 h19 h18 h15 h16

Final Curtain Call!


Onto the Dollhouse!

h14h13h12h11h10h9h8THAT’S ALL FOLKS!

Tune in for more of Linda Gottman’s fun work!


Ace of cards Halloween 2014

This costume could be used for a gambler or like,  I did,  for an Alice in Wonderland theme.   I was the Queen of hearts and this makeup is for my ace of cards,  the leader of my card army.



This makeup is a simple liquid latex application that I will walk you through.
You will need;
Liquid latex
1 ply toilet paper – shredded
Black eyeliner
Brown eyeliner
Red face paint
Brown face paint
Black face paint
Red liquid blood
Skin color liquid or cream Foundation
Scissors or butter knife

1) start with a clean face and add primer all over
2) decide on location of scars.  In this version,  we wanted a scar diamond and a few cards sticking out.
3)  tear three cards in half and then split the bottom quarter down the middle to allow for a flap for the card to attach to. 4) start by applying liquid latex (with a paint brush)  to the areas in a few layers of just latex.
5) then apply straps of toilet paper in clumps or as a strip by placing the paper on the scar and wetting with liquid latex until it blends in with scar.
You should be about here:


6) add card to scar by adding liquid latex to the cards flaps and holding it in place for a few minutes. (wait until it’s completely dry much later on to bend cards off skin)


7) continue to add layers on top of the card until it is rather thick.    You do this because you will be cutting into it to make scars. But,  be sure to keep edges thinner so they can blend in better with the skin.
8) decide where you want each if your scars and repeat until you get about here.




9) once done layering,  take your Scissors or butter knife and gently tear holes into the latex.  You want it to be a pretty straight line so it’s like a gash from where the card is stuck in.

These pictures are a little blurry, sorry, but the point is to see the holes in the latex.  You can even start showing pulling some skin flaps down.    Now is a good time to fold the cards up and away from the skin to make them appear as if they are standing out.



10) Then take your black eye pencil and fill in the gashes a little and sharpen any outlines where you are having gashes or cuts.


11) then blend it in with for dating,  using a sponge.  Blend the edges and cover up the yellow latex as much as possible.
12) then use the brown eyeliner to add debt to edges and scars.  Do this by highlighting the edges around the black sections.
13) add red,  brown,  and black paint.  Start with red all over,  mix in a nice bit of brown to dull it,  and then darken the black holes again.    Use sponges or a brush.    This is a messy process so be sure to cover up clothes.
14) while paint dries,  add some brown and black smudges around the eyes with  the eyeliner pencil.
15) then let the blood drip.  Add it with the paint brush and keep other covered.  Let it fall as it may for a natural look.    Be sure to fill in the deep gashes for the best effect.
16) lastly,  add some color around the eyes to make sure you do to have random white spots and make sure everything is blended pretty well and that you don’t see the latex.




17) And spritz with hairspray for the finished product.



Halloween makeup 2012 – unzipped zipper face


My friend,  Charles,  had to put up with many makeup sessions for Halloween,  but this was by far his favorite… Unzipped Zipper face.


This took some work,  but after the trial run,  it actually was pretty easy.
1- find a white or skin tone zipper because those are the easiest to blend in.
2- cut the edges of the zipper down but leave enough for the glue to attach to and to apply makeup to blend. Also cut to the appropriate length… For this, while it is definitely cool to have it go down your neck… It’s a lot more difficult to get it to stay so I recommend just to the base of the chin.
3- unzip the zipper to the desired location.
4- apply liquid latex to backside of zipper and hold in place until it dries.  Glue down the sides and top.  Start at the top of the head and work your way down,  do not do this all in one chunk.
5-once latex is dry,  grab some toilet paper and start separating the layers into very thin pieces.
6- apply the thin pieces in layers on top of the zipper and out towards the cheeks. This is to give the look of pulled back skin. . Be liberal with the layers and the amount of liquid latex.  Alternate sides so they have time to dry.
7- once you have achieved the desired skin you would like,  insert a butter knife on the space between the open zipper and the actual skin. Wiggle until you start forming a slight flap of skin. Try not to let it hang too much because with movement,  it will naturally loosen.  This should be dry enough not to come of and sturdy enough to keep its shape. . DO NOT PEEL ALL THE WAY BACK SO THAT THE TISSUE LAYER POPS COMPLETELY OFF.
8- with a skin tone foundation,  blend, blend, blend!
Use a sponge…. To achieve the smoother seam,  dab the sponge along the seam and let dry.  Add a layer of face powder just along the seam and then apply another dabbed layer of foundation. Repeat until it is almost invisible. Don’t forget to apply to the rest of the face as well.
9- start with a base layer of red makeup underneath the flaps and along the nose,  mouth,  and neck area.


You should be about here…
10- mix in some black into the bloody face part to add dimension.  Focus more heavily on the inside flaps.  Continue to alternate red and black smudging until you get a good the desired coverage and overall color. Don’t forget the lips and around the inside of the nostrils!
11- add some bruising to the eyes and forehead using black,  brown, green, and blue eyeshadow.  Use your finger to provide more effective smudges.  Also adding a dash of red into the bruise can help it look fresh… Do this with a red lip pencil or red eyeshadow.
12- set face with powder and a large brush. . Lightly apply to bloody face too to ensure it sticks better.
13- bloody it up… This gets a little messy so have a towel wrap.  Using a cotton ball,  apply liquid stage blood to the face by dipping it into the bottle and dabbing it on the face. . Apply liberally until desired gore is achieved.

And there you have it… The unzipped zipper face!


Halloween makeup 2012- porcelain doll

halloween 2

I’ll just say it…. I’m OBSESSED with Halloween!  Every year I put on a haunted house and due some semi elaborate costumes… and before you ask,  I am a horror all the way kinda girl,  I can be pretty or skanky any other day of the year but there is only one day I can be ghoulish!
So this was one of my more elaborate costume makeups.
I was a broken porcelain doll.


So this is the finished product. My goal here is to provide you with a simple walk through which unfortunately will be without many pictures because it’s from 2 years ago… Sorry,  clearly no forethought.
1- clean face
2- decide where approximately you want your cracks to be and pencil them in with a eyebrow pencil
3- apply a foundation that is at least 1 shade darker to the ‘natural side’
4- pour some of your normal foundation,  or a skin tone one,  onto a plate and mix a little white face paint into it.  Apply this to the other side with a sponge. Cover your lips as well.
5- fine tune your Cracks with slight tracing of the edges ON ONE SIDE  in black pencil (this is to add a depth effect.
6- then follow those same lines and highlight with a white pencil on the opposite side of the brown line.
7- go over the cracks with the brown pencil again to give it a more natural, less harsh look.
8- to give the eyebrow a proper arched doll look,  you need to cover your own eyebrow with makeup scar putty.  Apply it and let it dry. . Then go over that area with the same foundation mix from before.
9- with an eyebrow pencil or brown or black pencil,  draw on an arched eyebrow.  Make sure the dolls’ eyebrow is slightly higher than your own to maintain the depth effect.
10- underneath your fake eyebrow,  apply white eyeshadow from top of eye to base of new eyebrow. Apply liberally because this is you main distractor from your actual eyebrow.
11- when lining the dolls’ eye,  focus heavily on the outer corner of the top and bottom lid to give a more wide eyed effect. Line the outer corner with black pencil and the inner corner with a white pencil.
12- curl and apply mascara to your own lashes.
13- then apply the dolls’  fake lashes on top.  Let dry and curl them as well.
14- add blush in a circular pattern on your cheekbones and a slight dab on the tip of your nose.
15- to make the porcelain flawless,  use a large brush with powder to mattify and soften.
16- for your lips, make sure they start off completely covered in the white foundation mix.  Then lightly sketch in puckered lips with a red lip pencil. Go slightly higher and slightly lower than your natural lip. Fill in and add red lipstick or red makeup. Then line the outside of them with a thin line of black.
Your doll side should be done.
17- for your normal side,  you should have already applies the darker foundation. If not,  do so now but be careful of your cracks.
18- the goal is to make this side looks bruised so add some greens, blues,  and Browns to your undereyes, cheekbones,  forehead,  and along cracks.  I recommend using an eyeshadow applicator or small brush and using various powder eyeshadow to get the desired effect.  For more fine tune bruises use the applicator,  for larger bruises,  smudge with your finger.

19- lightly line the natural eye with brown pencil.
20- curl and apply minimal mascara to the natural eye.
21- I added blood drops with a lip liner pencil

This was my trial run… In this run,  I needed to use black lashes,  darker foundation for the natural side, lower my doll eyebrow, and fine tune cracks… But it’s a closer picture to give you a slightly better look.