Mother’s day mini pot of lipstick

So this year,  my mom has been scouring stores for the perfect shade of red lipstick.   But has run into problems because she didn’t peer review the ones she bought so she was going in blind.  So for mothers day,  I bought her 5 of the best reasonably priced lipstick I could find and put them in this cute mini Terra cotta pot.


To decorate the pot you will need:
A mini Terra cotta pot (dollar store 3 for $1)
Spray paint
Paint markers
Clear coat spray paint

I gave a good purple base coat on the pot with the spray paint.  Then I waited until it dried and started decorating with the paint markers.  I wanted to keep it simple so polka dots and a little lining.  Then I clear coated the whole thing and waited overnight for it to dry.
Shove the lipsticks in (they were a little too big for my pot 😦 )  and you’re done.

– Taylor Luster


Mother’s day 2013- 9 seasonal vases

Despite our good intentions, my family is kinda bad about changing the table design for each season. It just seems to get lost in the daily shuffle. So I thought I would make it easier by making a pre-made vase for each season.   This project was kinda pricey but I really love the end result.  I probably spent about $250 in total for 9 vases,  spray paint,  fake flowers,  paint,  paint brushes, tape, 3D paint, rubber bands, and clear coat spray paint.
December /January  – gold dipped

This one is easy. Just get painters tape, metallic spray paint, and a metallic clear coat spray paint.

Then tape the entire top half of the vase in painters tape so it doesn’t get colored. Be sure to press down the edges. Then coat a few times with the metallic  and clear coat paints.  Once dry, remove tape carefully and done.



February – 3D words

This one is also easy. All you need is 3D fabric paint, white spray paint, and clear coat spray paint.

All you have to do is write whatever you want with the 3D paint and let dry. Then coat with white and clear coats of paint.


March – stripes

This is a little bit more time consuming. You need painters tape, white spray paint, frosted glass spray paint, and glass clear coat spray paint.

The hardest part was taping in straight lines up and down every other row. Be sure to press down edges. Then spray paint the uncovered ones with white spray paint. Once solid, let dry. Then remove tape. Then spray paint the entire vase with the frosted glass paint, focusing particularly on the unpainted clear sections.  It won’t hurt the white, just make it a little dull. Make sure that the clear coat you use is good for glass and matte because otherwise it will counteract your frosted glass paint.


April / may- hand painted bunnies

This one took forever but I love it.

You need a peep or bunny cutout,  sharpie, green, yellow, black, and white acrylic paint, paint brushes, and clear coat glass spray paint.

First I traced the bunnies so they connected, with the sharpie. Then I drew on the grass.  Then paint the bunnies yellow and the grass green.  Be warned, this takes a million coats to make sure it’s not see through and you have to let it dry between coats! Once you are finally done with that, add the bunnies faces with black and white paint.  Once everything is dry, clear coat it and you are finally done!


June/ July –  paint drip jars

This one is easy but harder than I expected. All you really need is various colors of acrylic paint and jars.  You simply pour the paint in and hold the jar upside down until it drips in desirable patterns.  Problem is that getting it to drip the way you want takes some work so be sure to have a towel to wipe stray paint off.  This will take a few tries but will rinse out as long as its wet.  Once you get it the way you like it, clear coat the inside very well and let dry. Add some flowers!


August/ September – rubber band frosting

Super easy.  Grab some rubber bands, frosted glass spray paint, and clear coat spray paint.

Put the rubber bands on the vase in the desired pattern. Then spray paint with a few coats of frosted glass paint. Let it dry then do a layer of clear coat. Remove the rubber bands and clear coat again.


October –  hand drawn spider webbing

Also easy. But time consuming.  I used white glass writing marker, an oven,  and clear coat spray paint.

Draw your pattern on the glass and be sure you have enough coats so it is not see through.  Then let it dry. Bake according to instructions on pen., Then let cool. Finally, clear coat the entire thing.

The key here is don’t do a second coat until the first is a little dry because otherwise you peel it off.


November – sponged textured spray paint

This required gold, silver, bronze, and black spray paint to achieve.  Also a few plastic bags and clear coat spray paint.

Put on a few good layers of the gold spray paint and let it dry. Then do the following in alternating colors. Crumple the plastic bag in your fist until you have a little to sponge with. Then spray paint the bag with your color of choice and dab lightly all over the vase. Then alternate colors and quantity until you get the desired sponged effect.  Then clear coat with a spray paint that is metallic friendly.


December /January –  gold dipped