Funny, Truthful Valentines Card for Your Significant Other!

I love offbeat, funny valentine’s cards…and this one is very simple and fits the bill.  Great for a significant other or easily modifiable for children, friends, family, or coworkers!


vday2And then you open it to see a design on the back too!

This is actually very easy and can be done in about 10 minutes.

You will need:

-1 white piece of paper for card

-1 red piece of paper for inner heart

-1 valentines/love themed/ accent colored piece of paper for the outer heart



-straight edge / ruler

-black marker


1) Decide the dimensions of your card on the white paper. Draw the straight lines on the backside of the paper with the straight edge and pencil.

2) Cut off the excess paper and remove any stray pencil marks.

3) Take your red piece of paper and use the edge to draw half a heart.  Make sure it fits on your card before you cut it out.

4) Then fold your red piece of paper in half so when you cut in the heart you get 2 halves. Cut it out.

5) Then grab your other piece of paper, the accent or valentine’s themed one. Flip the paper over to the back and again use the edge for the middle of your heart.

6) Using the red heart template, draw a slightly larger heart on the backside of the accent sheet.

7) fold the accent sheet over so that when you cut it, you get 2 sides of the heart.  Cut it out.

8)Take the white sheet of paper and fold it in half to form your card.

9) Decide on placement on the outer heart, making sure to line it up with the fold of the card so that when opened completely, it closes the heart.

vday1 (my pictures were done after the fact…oops!)

10) Then glue the outer heart onto the white card.

11) Then decide on placement of the inner heart and glue it on top of the outer heart the same way.

12) Then decide on word placement…I wanted the I love you to be in the heart.

13) It’s easiest to start out lightly with a pencil to write the words. Vary the lettering for a fun effect!

14)  Then trace it with your black marker.

15) Add a few hearts or accents to jazz it up!

16) Write your message on the inside, and if you want, add a fun one to the back heart as well!

You are done!

SO cute and so fun! I know my boyfriend will get a kick out of it!



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