Personalized pottery barn lantern knock off -$92 for 2

These were a great deal.  My dad has loved these for years but at about $100 a lantern (not including candles) ,  it was a little more than he wanted to spend.  So,  I made him a cheaper version.   My version I got from a local store called Garden Ridge for $30 each.   I did find them at Hobby Lobby for a little more,  but still under the PB ones.
Then I stenciled the L in sharpie on one panel of glass.  You want the sharpie letter to be on the external side of the glass and the glass writing pen to be on the internal part so it is exposed to fewer elements.
Then trace the outline on the opposite (inside)  part of the glass with your glass writing pen.   Let set and bake as instructed.
Add an LED candle (they were $15 at Garden Ridge) and a small candle mirror (dollar store)  which I super glued to the bottom, and viola.   Super simple,  better price tag,  personalized,  great look!



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