Diy 2 ingredient odor absorbers

This is so easy I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before.  With a house full of cats, comes a house full of litter boxes… Sigh!  But since that’s the price for warm,  purring, fuzzy bodies,  I just have to find ways to cope.    But as any pet owner knows,  these odors can be hard to dispel.
Most of us know of the wonders of baking soda. But as much as I have tried,  I could not find a way that worked to dispel the litter box odor.    I had tried sprinkling it inside the litter box,  combining it with activated charcoal,  leaving an open box near the litter box…. The results were minimal.
Then I found this recipe for an odor absorber by Mom 4 Real.
Her recipe calls for a small mason jar, paper for lid, baking soda,  and essential oil of choice.
She uses 1/2 cup baking soda,  wrapping paper,  and lavender oil.
I chose not to measure the amount of baking soda that I put into the jar,  because,  well I’m lazy… I just poured it in until it was mostly full.   I used scrapbook paper for the lid because it was sturdier than wrapping paper.   And I used Edens Garden Purify Essential Oil.   I put around 20 drops in each container.
Then I mixed it up with my finger to disburse,  and placed on the lid as instructed.
So far,  it has worked better than anything else I’ve used.   I’m not sure how long until I have to replace it,  but I’m suspecting about 2-3 months.
My diy pictures are shown below.


4 Oz mason jars from Amazon




Not sure why this pic is so grainy 😦



There you have it!  For more detailed instructions, please check out Mom 4 Reals’ blog,  linked above.

Please comment as I love to hear from my readers!


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