Writing on glass frames- quick, easy, and cheap

Buffy quote frame


I saw this done on Pinterest  and have always loved this quote (from BtVS) so I decided to make it artwork.


Black or solid color paper for background

Glass writing marker ($4 at Hobby Lobby)


Windex and rag



This is so simple it’s ridiculous. Just put the black paper in the frame as a background.  Then put the frame back together and write your message with the sharpie on the outside of the frame.  Because we don’t want it to chip, you will then trace that message on the other side with the glass marker.  Glass markers take a couple of coats to be solid but you need to let each coat dry in between to ensure it doesn’t smear. Once done, wipe off the sharpie side with Windex and the rag. The sharpie will wipe off.  Then put the glass in the oven at 425 (or whatever your glass pen says) and then bake for 20 minutes.  Let cool and put it back in the frame. This works on ceramics and glass of any type.


3D bird/branch frame


This concept is the same as above. Follow the instructions above with the sharpie and drawing the branches and then the glass pen.

The 2 things that make this different are first you must decide where you want to place your birds and choose the appropriate colors and cut them out. Then decide on location for branches and birds. Once you have placed them, you can glue the birds down onto the paper.

The second big difference is that you need to take the foam insert that usually comes in the frame and cut it into 4 thin slivers.  These are to separate the glass from the background paper, giving it more of a 3D feel. Glue those on and make sure they are hidden.  Then put the frame back together.

I’m no artist so this didn’t come out as great as I liked… next time I would use a stencil for the branches.


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