VHS pencil case #upcycle #easy #diy

I found this idea on pinterest but there was no tutorial on how to do it so I had to figure it out myself.

VHS case

You will need:
VHS tape
Small screwdiver
Box cutter

First chose your VHS tapes carefully… Either something classic or something clever.. Mine will be used for school so I thought these were appropriate.

First turn it over and locate the screws.   There are 5 places to look.

Remove them with the screwdriver.

The case will open and you can remove the movie reels.
There are two metal flaps as well that can be removed by bending them repeatedly in opposite directions.
There is a top border of the tape that must be removed.  Be sure not to remove the corners that are part of the hinge lid.



Note that the hinge lid should still be operational.   The great thing about this is there is a built in lock!


This takes some patience because the tape is fragile/ brittle.   Go slow and carefully.
Then screw the screws back into place and make sure pencils fit.


And you are done.


5 thoughts on “VHS pencil case #upcycle #easy #diy

  1. How did you go about removing the section you have circled in red? I’m hoping to do this with a group of teenagers but I don’t want anyone to lose a finger!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Cassie! Thanks for the comment! I actually used a box cutter, which I can see being a predicament for your group project. I’m not sure how else you would get it off easily though. Perhaps you can do that part for them? If you come up with another way, please share! Thanks again.


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