Family frame display

I wish pictures would do this next justice.  I tried with a couple devices but none came out better than this, and since I don’t have a professional camera, yall gotta bear with me on this one.   

So obviously this ledge was screaming for something to be there.  Before this, we had just placed this brown clock there temporarily… Which turned into over a year because I really couldnt decide what I wanted there. It dawned on me one day that some of my favorite pictures weren’t actually on display in my home and so started the inspiration for this project.   

I did some guesstimating on size, which I would not recommend, but its a difficult location to measure so I was going to make it work with just a width measurement.   For my space, I could comfortably fit about 7 8×10 photos which worked out well for the number of pics I wanted to hang.  I modified the pics to black and white and then had them printed by office Depot.  They came out great! 

I purchased the frames at the dollar store because while they are not the best quality, they are sturdy enough for the location.   

Once I had them in the frames and began to put the first ones up, I realized that while the width measurement would work, I had greatly underestimated the height of the ledge.  So the frames were getting a bit dwarfed. Hmm what to do. 

I strongly considered adding an additional frame around each to give a multiiple frame/ dimensional effect.  But 1. I couldn’t find a larger size at the dollar store that matched these frames and 2. It would have ended up looking cluttered in this particular situation.  

So finally I settled on letters.  I found these at Hobby Lobby for 50% of $3.99 each,  I believe. They had a ton of options in a variety of materials but I needed them to be larger than the frame and black to pop off the white wall.     The letters I found were white finished wood, so I also bought black templates paint. 

After a few quick coats, the letters were done and ready to hang. 

Tips on hanging these…. 

1. Have someone help you because getting off the ladder a million times to check for levelness and location is hard work.  

2. Really measure it out first and mark where you will hang them prior to actually doing it. Guesstimating took a lot of time, a lot of work, and a lot of unnecessary holes in the wall. 

3. I supplemented the nails and screws I used to hang these with mounting squares (or as I like to call them wall stickies). I put them at the base of the frames to keep them a little more secure and from wiggling about. 

And lastly, step back and enjoy your hard work.   Sorry there weren’t more pictures but it was really a pretty straight forward process so it didn’t really occur to me to document it. 

If you liked this post, please like/share/subscribe!   If you are curious as to what those little balls are hanging from the ceiling, stay tuned for my next post about my bubble chandelier! 


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