Solarium decor

So my solarium has had a massive drainage problem for the past year. When my apartment was built, they built the solarium floor at an angle away from the drain….ya… so when it rains, it gathers in the corner opposite of the gutter. Biggest problem there is that it sometimes gets mold or mosquitoes and I’m just worried that eventually it will be a structural problem that causes leaks into my actual apartment.  I’ve been asking my apartment to deal with it for a while but it just now got done….well partially….they built me a beautiful new deck…but didn’t fix the problem so they gotta come back, but it should be a relatively simple fix. I guess I’m okay with that as I got a beautiful deck out of it, just ready for it to be done.  BUT I have been able to put up most of my deck stuff finally, so I can finally share it with yall!  

 Look how beautiful my rug is!  It’s an outdoor rug I found on Amazon. Here is the link if you would like to check it out… Reversible Mats 116093 Blue/Light Green 6’x9′ RV Garden Mat

And of course, my little apartment garden! This might move to the end of the solarium so it’s closers to the drain, but for now it works here.  Also, I’m colder months, I have a little greenhouse to keep them warm. 🙂

This is my storage area for my gardening tools.  I used little containers from idea on a metal trellis we found. 

My cute table!   Check out the tutorial here.

And  lastly, probably my favorite,  is my upcycled fire pit.  I am not sure what happened to the pics of this upcycle, so unfortunately, I’ll just have to tell you about it.  This was all rusted out, was missing the bottom rack, and the bowl that goes in the center.  I found it at a thrift store for $15. Both my boyfriend and I walked past it quite a few times eyeing it, but neither of us were sure what to do with it.  But ultimately, we both knew it was too cool to pass up.  So I took him home, cleaned him up, gave him a fun paint job with a teal bottom and black top. But then what to do with him. …

I used him as a planter for a bit, but it was kinda difficult to water. Then I wanted to light him up as a nightlight for the solarium but just never got around to it.  Finally, I decided to use it as much needed storage for my gardening stuff, craft stuff, and my porch shoes.    

So far I love it because it protects from rqin, is easy access, and is still decorative.

I’m pretty happy with the way my solarium has turned out….what do you think?

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