‘Cats’ the musical diy artwork

I’m actually super happy with this piece.  If you don’t follow me regularly, then I should tell you that I have lots of cats lol…so they have somehow taken over my walls too lol. I wouldn’t call myself. A cat person,  as I love dogs equally as much, just ended up this way lol.   Anyways, in addition,  my cats have pretty large personalities so they are a constant theme in my life.    

Anyways so I also adore musicals. …and Cats is one of my favorites.  So I wanted to blend the 2 lives into 1 piece of art.   In addition, it needed to be very large.   I have a loft apartment and the upstairs loft has a HUGE wall.  I needed to put something on it and it had to be large as it easily gets dwarfed. So here is what I did.

I had a large piece of bead board…like very large.  I was going to use it as a back splash for my entry closet, but ended up doing something else.  So I had this giant, thin board.  The thinness is important because this thing is large and heavy and has to be mounted on the wall,  so keep your material as light as possible. 

I first printed out a bunch of lyrics that I loved from the play. I ended up with 13 verses. There really isn’t anyway to tell how much space the lines will take up until you write them so  just gather your favorites and prioritize them

 OK,  so first thing I did was sketch out my cat design.  I had to do this a couple of times because I would step back and my design would still be too small.  Also, please keep in mind, I’m no artist, so I kinda winged it.  Then I painted it black and let it dry.

Since the edges are hard to draw clearly, fuzz them up a bit with a small brush.

Then take your pencil and sketch the eyes. This was a bit hard to balance out but after a lot of erasing, got it to an acceptable place. Then paint it in in layers, letting each dry or mostly dry in between. When you get to your last layer, which should be the most visible layer, take one of these scrubbing sponges and draw in lines, removing some of the top layer of paint so you can what is underneath. 

Let it dry completely. 

In the meantime, let’s work on the ears. 

For this, I use a piece of cardboard that I folded up to a relatively fine edge. I took some white paint, and drew some lines until it resembled ear hair.

See…just kinda random lines that you build up.

Then for whiskers, decide how many you want and draw them out from the face with black paint. While you have the black paint, also draw in the little eye circles as well. 

Once you have placed your whiskers, make small fine lines in white to make a nose and mouth and then a few dots for little whisker holes.

Once it’s all dry, move on to the lyrics.

For this, I recommend using either a paint pen or sharpie.  I chose silver because I wanted the lyrics to be more of a background than a focus.

 Write them out. I don’t have the best handwriting but the lines on the board keep it looking neat. 

Be sure to let it dry as well. 

Then hang it up. I was able to just use a bunch of long screws in various places. I tried to use them in inconspicuous places like in ‘O’s.

And here it is on the wall.

Unfortunately light just isn’t great for this picture but it looks fantastic in real life.  It’s almost a little too small, but it works.
I hope this gets your ideas flowong. If you liked this post,  please like, share, tweet, and pin so I know to post similar content.

Thanks for reading!


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