Patio table upcycle 

You know those square patio tables everyone and their mom seems to have? The ones you can find a dozen listings on Craigslist for $10-20? 

Well,  as a poor student,  that’s all I could really afford.   As a person, I needed more lol.    Sooooooooooo I decided to make it work. 

First let me start off with my design ideas so you know where we are going.   I do a lot of spray paint crafts outside and i wanted this to be durable and look okay if it got some smudges on it.   Plus,  it’s going outside,  so it needs to be able to get a little grimey and still look OK. So I knew it would be a bit whimsical.    I also knew my color scheme for the patio would be blue and that I was going to have a garden.      

Now let me tell you how much of an artist I am not lol.   So something intricate or super snazzy was not gonna happen.   So I went with simple. 

OK so on to how to do it!

1. Wipe it down well.    Clean off all that dirt and grime!!! 

2. Unscrew the legs.   You have to do this step here because the legs hold the glass in place,  at least on this table.  

3. Put down tarp of some sort because this could get messy! 

4.Remove glass from frame and paint frame and legs. 

I chose black for mine because it shows wear less easily.  I also used a heavy duty metal enamel paint I got at a recycled paint shop for free!  😃

It would probably be easier to use spray paint,  but I used what I had.    I also suggest that if you use spray paint, make sure its an outdoor metal one for durability. 

5. While frame dries,  put glass on a smooth flat surface with the bottom facing upwards and the top facing downwards.  

Once you have your design,  you really need to stop and think about this: the first layer you put down is the design itself and then the background goes on top. If you don’t do this, and paint a solid coat first and then your design on top of that,  your design won’t show through.  Let me show you in pictures so you know what I mean. 

First layer: the squiggles weren’t originally part of my design but things got messy so I embraced it. 

Second layer: keep whites sharp so they don’t fade.   For the record,  it was hard to draw straight lines sooooo I decided to purposefully make it messy. Oh and added more white drizzled to make it look more intentional. 

Last layer: the solid background.   Trust me,  it will show up!

6. Once it’s dry,  flip it over and behold your masterpiece! 

I didn’t mind the see through areas in the black flower but if it bothers you,  make sure you give it a good solid coat before putting on the other layers. 

Also,  the great thing about this is that the design is protected from scratching and weathering since it is on the underside of the table! 

7. Screw the legs back on and you are done! 

8. Place it where you want it and enjoy! 

If you are wondering about 

The umbrella: I got it from At Home for $20. It didn’t come with a stand so I picked one up at a thrift store for $1.

The centerpiece: I added this so the umbrella hole didn’t look so ugly.    It’s just a chip bowl from the dollar store.   I used a box cutter to cut out the center circle. I also added a few drainage holes in the bigger circle.  Then I weighed it down with a few packs of dollar store decorative stones and marbles.    I topped it off with some dollar store fake plants and burlap.   

The smudges: yup,  already got spray paint smudges on it.   But good news is a blade should take them right off and I don’t have to worry about ruining my design. 

Butrerfly: it’s a solar light that I leave on the table because it gets pretty dark out there. I got it at Ross Dress for Less. 

The rug: I got it off of Amazon.  You can find it here:  Reversible Mats 116093 Blue/Light Green 6’x9′ RV Garden Mat

The paints: I got them all for free at my local recycling center which also happens to recycle paint and give away/sell the ones they can still use.   Great way to get free or low cost paint but also help the Planet! Also check out hardware or paint stores (even walmart)  for returned cans,  samples,  and mistints… All are a fraction of the cost. 

Hope this helps!  If you enjoyed this article,  please like, pin, share, and tweet so I know to keep this kind of content coming.   

Thanks for reading! 

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