How to use Ikea trones all over your home 

So these guys are from ikea and are sold in packs of 3 for $40.  They come in a couple different colors and are made of plastic. The website says they are about 7 inches deep and 20 wide.   If you take into account the protruding handle though,  I think it’s closer to 9 inches deep and 21 inches wider.  I think this is important if you are putting it in a super narrow place. They can be screwed into the wall for more stability and can be stacked on top of each other. 

That being  said,  these things can really go anywhere and used for anything. I chose white because some of the walls I put them on were colored and I wanted them to blend in in the other areas.  

I have 4 sets and here’s how I have been using them. 

By the entryway:

I have this right by the door to hold things I need ASAP and don’t want to walk across my clean carpets with my shoes on to get.    So like windshield defroster, car upholstery cleaner, and lots of water bottles.  In fact,  the bottom 2 are for water bottles.  That way when my boyfriend or I am working on the car,  we can just reach in a grab a bottle. It’s been super helpful. 

In the dining room:

This is right behind my table. They go great with my white mirrors to complete the look.   I use it for extra stuff I can’t fit in my cabinets.  One is holding thermos’,  another easily accessible tools like a hammer,  nails,  and drill. And the last is holding extra ice trays and pitchers. 

In the kitchen:

So I am ‘blessed’  with a washer and dryer in my kitchen…. Ya.   It’s annoying,  but in an apartment,  just glad I have a washer and dryer period.   So this cabinet space that the trones are leaning against is basically space I can’t use because behind it is the water heater. So needed to figure out how to utilize the space so I could have some laundry storage too.    Cue the trones!  They hold commonly used kitchen cleaners and laundry detergent.   Plus they fit very nicely in that very flat,  narrow space.  

In the office closet:

You know that awkward side space in a closet?   Well you can put shelves or hooks there for more storage…. Or you can out trones!  I like this because they kinda hide the mess and hold more than shelves or hooks.    In mine,  I have extra filters and light bulbs and an entire one filled with spray paints.   

In the bedroom:

As a night stand in small spaces.    This works well because there isn’t a lot of space next to my bed.  So I threw 2 trones up there and it’s worked great!  

These are just how I use them but they can definitely be used in a bathroom,  closet,  or really anywhere you can think of. 

I love my ikea trones and I think they are well worth the price tag. 

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As always,  thanks for reading! 


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