From Rustic to shabby chic: bench upcycle

I was looking for something to put at the foot of the bed to hold decorative pillows and sheets.   I wanted a bench so you could also sit and put socks on if need be.  I found this little guy on Craigslist for $10.  

He needed some loving and definitely did not fit the style of my home so I knew he was gonna need an upcycle. This is how he started out…. 

So definitely bare bones… Put pretty bare bones that weren’t gonna need a ton of work.  

Now I know some of you are thinking…. But it matches the bed frame in the pic alright… Well yes,  it does…. But the bed frame is a future project that is not staying that color either,  so bear with me lol.   I’m showing you the pieces of what will eventually add up to a whole room that I show you guys! 

OK so I chose 3 colors of paint that I already had because I wanted it to match and really because I’m a poor college student.    Fortunately, the colors I already had were gray, black, and white.   The gray is on a nearby wall and matches the bedspread and the curtains so pulling that in unified the room.   Then the bed will eventually be black or white so that tied in.   And my dressers are a very dark mahogany and my bedspread has black in it so it all tied together nicely.   

So this is time consuming because there is an inside and an outside so definitely took me about a week to complete because of drying time.   

I decided to paint the entire outside gray first.  Then I painted the inside lid gray and the inside drawer white.    

This required a couple of layers going back and forth between outside and inside because of drying time and the wood absorbing some of the paint. I think I did about 3 layers. 

Then for the black,  I decided to paint the pieces on the sides that stuck out as an accent. 

There are a couple more you don’t see in the pic,  but you get the idea. 

Then I needed to make the cute design on the top pop a bit.   My boyfriend was concerned that the sea theme wouldn’t match my decor,  and in truth,  it is different in that we have nothing else beachy… But u think it gives it just a bit of whimsy, so I like it. 

Here is the lid after I traced the design in white. 

It looks a bit splotchy here because it was still drying.    But that’s it! 

I added a few small baskets from Ross ($3 total)  and a cat pillow from ikea. 

Now it sits at the foot of my bed holding my sheets!  Now if I can only find time to paint the bed,  then you would get to see the final project!!  Haha I know, I’m working on it! 

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Thanks for reading! 


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