Cheap bathroom hacks and organization 

So I love my bathroom… I mean,  it’s not perfect,  but for an apartment, it’s a pretty good size and a massive improvement from my last one… Where you could close the bathroom door from the toilet seat! Yikes! 

This one is a good size,  has a vanity,  and a window,  and an adequate layout.    What it was lacking was storage… In a big way.   There was literally just this little cabinet under the sink :(.    What’s a girl to do? 

Sooooooooooo I made it better.   I really wanted my bathroom to feel luxurious and still functional,  so I had to make it a bit dramatic and really think about how I used my things daily to come up with a good plan.    This is my final product and I really love it.    I have been using it for a good while now and can’t find any necessary improvements so that means it’s time to share with you! 

Fist things first…. I painted my wall a dark dark blue… Like navy.  I chose this because it made me think of the ocean and gave me a very calm serene feeling. 

Let’s start with the first thing you see…. That shower curtain! 

Nothing says luxury like a ceiling to floor shower curtain.   I actually made this out of outdoor canvas tarp I got from a fabric store.    I literally just cut holes and put grommets in it.   I think it is the show statement in the room!  From the inside of the shower,  you get a feeling of complete privacy and luxury as well.   Put it on a curved shower rod for extra points!  I believe with the tarp,  grommets,  and shower rod this cost me around $60. A little pricey for a certain,  but not if it’s the statement piece of a room, which this is. 

Use any extra to make a box panel for the curtains.   I used a cardboard box,  some nails and some staples to get this look… Yup… That easy. 

Now for that other statement piece…. The giant toilet paper holder!  

So this was actually a mistake.   I saw this cute pin in pinter st that had a small version of this,  and instead of actually reading the measurements,  I just had my boyfriend build me a box frame of what I approximated the measurements to be…. Which was WAY OFF!  Lol.   But… It came out pretty good and I can’t complain.    I just spray painted it an doing it on the wall.    Be sure to secure well as that much toilet paper can be a bit heavy.    For those who are wondering,  I believe it hold about 48 roles. 

OK so on to the storage issue…this is a great simple idea for creating some more space.    I got the baskets at Ross for $25 for all 3 and the bars and hooks at ikea for $2.99 /each.    So this cost about $35. I could have thrift Ed the baskets but with all the projects on this list,  this was a worthy splurge.   Now I have plenty of storage for the much needed extra products I have! 

For those wondering what that cup is on the side of the mirror… Well I have a very small space around the sink and hate putting my tooth brush lying down in a cabinet… So I literally just took a small ikea Planter (about $2) and put a small nail through one of the holes and into the cabinet.   It’s very small so it doesn’t do much to the cabinet and it fits my needs as a toothbrush holder. 

Now for the dreaded under the sink space.    OK first let me explain all the air freshener…. Lol…. After Christmas, they were on sale at Walmart for like 25¢ for the 2 cans of febreeze packs…. So I bought like a million naturally.   This is all that’s left! 

Use stacking bins from the dollar tree for easy to grab items and boxes for less common rolly polly items. And always keep a cleaner within reach. 

So I had this big empty wall space which obviously means I need to find a way to make more storage there.   Because it’s near the entry to the room,  I wanted to keep it close to the wall so as not to effect the size of the room.    3 tiered shelves worked perfectly.    Add some pretty jars and you are set.   I believe u found these on Craigslist for $10 and the jars for free from some lady who was purging her house! 

And the vanity!  My main storage section.    Excuse my poor pictures as I only do this with my phone until I can invest in something better and take the time to take better pics 😕. 

So this took me a while to perfect because honestly there was just so much stuff and it’s kind of an awkwardly sized space. 

 So the white cube piece is from big lots.  I got it when they were having a bogo 50% off sale so got 2 for $45. The other one is being used in my entry.  To keep things neat,  either put it in a pretty jar or in a box/basket.  This makes it feel less cluttered.  I could have invested in nice baskets or bins for a uniform look but I felt that for me,  it would be less functional that way.   

The brown drawers (2 sets)  are from Walmart.  I believe they are about $20 each. I used these for all my extra makeup and supplies that are more in need of a drawer.   

For quick items,  throw them in pretty jars on top so you can access them easily.   I believe these are ikea planters I spent about $2/each on. 

This section cost me about $75.

Other things to note in this area…

In orange- I had this specially made for me like 10 years ago but it could be an easy DIY project to make an earring holder.   Also note the little baskets.  These are from the dollar store and literally pinned into the wall with push pins.   They are perfect for cords,  sponges  or whatever miscellaneous items you want to throw in there. 

In blue – my makeup stand.  I am a super procrastinator in the morning so having all my makeup out and ready is super important.  I found this shelf at Walmart for about $8. I organized it by part of my face… 1st shelf is base coat/face stuff. 2nd shelf is blush, shadow, brows. 3rd shelf is eyeliner, mascara, and setting spray.  Also notice all the cute containers holding my brushes…. Those are spice jars I cleaned and saved!  I have the brushes organized by purpose as well. 

The green- I just have to share about my mirror.  I found this guy at a thrift store for…. $8! And it worked!  No flaws… Nothing. Just needed to be cleaned up a bit.  That’s a great testament to the goodness of thrift store items! 

And lastly behind the door… A girl needs a place for all that jewelry!  So use coat hooks and or bars to make them whisky accessible.  

Overall this bathroom cost me probably close to $250 to redo…. But it was over at least a years time frame and took a good amount of fine tuning to get right.  But now I love it and it is everything a girl could ask for…. Oh and sometimes my boyfriend can use it too!  😜


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