Gluten free Thanksgiving 2015 and decor ideas

Hey guys, 

So this was my Thanksgiving last year and I wanted to share it with you to give you ideas for this year’s Turkey day! 

So let’s talk decor first!  I wanted to keep it simple and clean so we could focus on the food! 

So I started with some butcher paper and laid it the length of the table and cut it.   

Then place your table settings how you want them.    I’m a poor college student, so I just used my everyday dishes but if you keep it simple,  it should still look acceptable.  

Once your table settings are laid out where you want them,  add your centerpiece.  Mineis my usual wicker basket filled with pinecone,  but I supplemented some fake guords from the dollar store for a more festive feel. I also threw some placements underneath it to draw attention to the centerpiece.   

Then I took a permanent marker and wrote out the ‘Give Thanks’  section.    I did this last to make sure I had enough room and that it was placed where I wanted it. 

Finish off your decor with a cute glass/vase with markers for people to write what they are thankful for in the blanks.  

We enjoyed doing this before we ate because it gave us a chance to appreciate to really be in the moment and enjoy our meal. 

And that’s it for decor!  Easy Peasy! 
Now to the good stuff… The food! 

Two things to note: I always have a completely gluten free meal and try to make it healthy to boot.    And I always cook for an army (because who doesn’t love leftovers?!) 

Now I’m not gonna share all the recipes because honestly,  I kinda wing it, but the goal is to give you some ideas on gluten free options! 
Turkey- most are gluten free,  just watch out for glazes.    We got ours from schnucks and it was good,  but other times I have gotten from honeybaked and it was good as well.

For dressing-there are many gluten free turkey gravies you can buy, but we use my grandma’s recipe which basically uses leftover turkey juices mixed with cornstarch, water, booked egg, onion, celery,  and butter. Salt and pepper to taste. 

Ham- we got ours from schnucks,  but honestly,  honey baked hams have much better (and more pricey)  ones.   Be sure to double check glazes! 

Honey mustard- super simple honey mustard if you like dipping your ham in that. Just mix w parts mustard, 2 parts mayonnaise,  2 parts honey and mix it all together.    Taste test as you go to find the level of sweetness best for you. 

Green bean casserole-  alright so I love gb casseroles,  but it can be hard to get the yummy goodness of non gf versions with some of the watery versions of gluten free cream of mushroom soups.    But this year,  I tried a local brand that was much more thick in consistency so was able to achieve the same flavor. Top with gluten free crunchies.  You can find lots of options for these on

If you wanna kick it up a health notch,  try my green beans with almonds and cranberries.    It is literally that simple… Throw it in a skillet with some olive oil and cook until soft.  Toss in some almonds and cranberries and cook for just another couple of minutes. Serve!  That simple. 

Gluten free stuffing… Well this one is definitely a cheat… I use the boxed one with store bought GF bread and honestly.. It’s really good so I don’t see a whole lot of reason to go out of my way on that one.   The one I most like is the schnucks brand,  but if you don’t have a schnucks,  a Amazon sells the glutino one which is pretty good too.   They also have gf bread crumbs you can buy,  but I usually just use actual gf bread. 

Creamed corn. So this is a slightly different take on corn because honestly I don’t like creamed corn,  but this one is really good and should probably be called more a cheesy corn.    Cook your corn,  whatever kind you are using and put kernels into a skillet.   Then add butter, maybe 1/3 cup of milk, and pepper jack cheese.   Let cheese and butter melt and stir frequently to get milk to absorb in there too.    Once it’s a nice cheesy mess,  sprinkle with parmesean as well. 

Yams.   So again,  not a big fan of marshmallows or candied yams,  so this is my yummy healthy alternative.    I literally just cook them in olive oil…. Ya I know,  crazy that it’s that simple,  but they come out a little sweet and very yummy.   You can bake them until tender (maybe 45 min at 275) or you can cut them up and toss them in a skillet and cook until tender.    

Mashed potatoes,  well that’s pretty much a given.   We used real potatoes and cooked then with just a bit of milk and butter.    This year I will b probably do cauliflower ‘mashed  potatoes ‘ but it takes some prep work for that. 

This meal may seem like it has all the same things you usually eat for Thanksgiving,  and it does…. Minus a ton of the sugar and butter that can so laden so much of turkey day food.   This meal is a much healthier alternative while still helping you feel like you had all the staples! 

I hope that helps give you some ideas on what to make for your gluten  free Thanksgiving!  If you like this post  please like,  follow,  and share! 


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