Small kitchen space hacks

So if you are like me and suffer from a tiny apartment kitchen, you know that every inch of space is needed.  Especially if, like me,  you spend a ton of time cooking…. Which means you have a ton of gadgets and pots and pans and baking dishes… All things that take up very valuable space.    And as a cherry on top of all that,  my washer and dryer unit is also in the kitchen (who decided that was a good plan?)!  So here is how I have managed to make my kitchen functional and not too cluttered…. It took lots of hacks and is a constantly evolving process,  but it’s been working out pretty well thus far. 

Hang a file holder for go to recipes or take out menus. 

A plastic bag holder to help save the environment! 

These are from ikea (but I believe they are retiring them now,  but will no doubt have something equally useful). I did this in order to open up another drawer for storage instead of having a silverware drawer and it has been a fantastic alternative! I think I spent $7 on this setup!

These are also ikea.  I believe they are the grundtal collection. I use them for potatoes and onions. 

These are ikea grundtal as well,  to help add some storage space above the sink. 

And another row of just hooks for the big pots to save cabinet space. 

Also notice the cutting board and baking pan storage… This is just a large basket but it clears out space in a cabinet and also is easily accessible when you are cooking. 

Enhance awkward wasted space by placing lesser used items up there.   This had just the one shelf with tons of open space on top and so I added a shelf.  Since there is no place on the counter or under a cabinet for the microwave,  I threw it up here and it works great and is out of the way. Note also the baskets for your plates! This is a great idea that I am so so glad I decided to use.   It’s easy to grab a plate and to put them away,  they take up less space,  and look cute too.    I would really never go back from this tip!

Utilize the tops of everything… Washer, fridge, cabinets… Everything,  to give yourself as much space as possible. Plus sometimes those spaces just look awkward without something in them. 

Inside the cabinets should be equally as organized. 

Places Tupperware inside of each other and keep the kids together in a basket near by. 

Use similar containers and labels for a more organized look and more space than bags and boxes.  I know it seems like a hassle to take that 1 extra step to dump bags and boxes into containers but it saves you lots of hassle later and looks nicer effortlessly. 

For super awkward spaces, like above the stove, use a turn table/ lazy Susan to help you store more easily. 

The most difficult area, at least for me,  to tackle in the kitchen are pot lids… They are just cumbersome and always in the way. This is my functional solution, albeit not super pretty. 

 I got it from ikea.  I believe it is used for separating pans,  but I find it works pretty well for all my lids  too.    Also note that I have utilized every inch of storage by fitting my extra paper towels into awkward spaces.  This is important because it keeps the counter less cluttered,  allows me to store how much I need,  and is not hard to get to when I do need it. 

This is how I store my actual pans.  It is the same ikea pot holder but screwed into the wall.  I love this because it’s easily accessible and opens up much needed cabinet space. 

Also be sure to make room for super awkward things by hanging them on the wall.    This is a vegetable grill basket that we use every now and then but in the mean time needs a place to stay that is out of the way.  This worked perfectly. 

Similarly,  this metal hot pad works perfectly on the wall and doubles as decor. 

You might also have noticed the triple layer fruit basket.  I found this on Amazon and works perfect for us as we go through a ton of produce.    Again,  think vertically to save space. 

This is on the underside of my bar cabinets.  It is a magnetic knife strip I got off of amazon.  It works perfectly because knives are super accessible but also put away neatly.   Plus I think it gives the kitchen a bit more of a chef vibe. 

Next up, use interesting and different displays to hold utensils.  

Variation keeps it fun,  but try not to go overboard as it can look cluttered and unkempt.   A vase or Planter is a fantastic way to hold your utensils for easy access. 

Spices can be a difficult storagevoriblem.  I found that this works best because they are very accessible and look relatively neat.  I bought a picture ledge from ikea that I cut in half and hung.  Then little jars from ikea to store the spices.  Don’t forget to label them! 

This is an older picture so the spice racks have changed to the ones we just talked about,  but I wanted to show you how I hang measuring cups and hot pads.  I believe everything you see there is from ikea as well. 

 if you will recall, my laundry is in the kitchen so heres how I deal w laundry soap, dishwasher tabs,  and other immediate cleaning products…. I use ikeas trones. 

They are small and really don’t get in the way and yet provide lots of storage! 

 And lastly,  don’t forget to utilize the outside of your fridge for important things like a schedule, grocery list,  and even grocery coupons.   This is one place I know both my boyfriend and I will look regularly so having them here makes sure they are seen. 


And that’s it!  I hope you found some of these ideas useful and if you enjoyed this entry,  please like, share, and follow for more fun stuff! 

Thanks for reading! 


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