Hanging branch and candle chandelier


Remember last time when we were talking about accent and statement pieces?  Well this is probably the one that has the largest impact…. Mostly because the dining room is basically the first thing you see when you walk in the door.   Because it is the first space you see,  it needs to set the tone…so I wanted something unique,  creative,  nature related,  but still had that expensive elegance feeling… Like a natural elegance I guess.
This was my inspiration…. I can’t seen to track down the original source,  but this is the sight I found it from on pinterest.


Okay,  so this is absolutely stunning.    She has the lighting and space down perfectly.   My space on the other hand does not have the lighting that makes this an easy picture to take.    It also does not have a good angle to take it from where you can see the whole thing because it is impeded by the stairs and the bar.   Plus,  this was a much more difficult and expensive  project than I initially thought it would be.

Let’s begin by choosing a space… These are both done over the dining room tables and have the table running the same way as the branch.   Make sure that your ceiling is high enough to hang the branch(es)  as well as the baubles.    I think mine takes up about 3 feet from the ceiling and the baubles hang just above eye level.
This is important because you don’t want guests hitting their heads when they stand or being blocked from seeing each other.

Next decide how long you want it.   My branches run about the length of the table and my baubles are spaced evenly throughout.   The length will help you determine the size of your branch and the number of baubles.    For mine,  I also lined it up with the display mirrors behind it so the baubles would hang so you could see them in the mirrors and so the branches lined up with the table and the mirrors….lots of adjusting.


Once you have your length,  decide how many baubles you want and how far apart you want them…  This will probably be an approximation.   I used 3 of these baubles


and 5 of these.


I found both sets on amazon and eBay but ended up buying them on eBay because they were cheaper.   I have had these for a while but I ended up spending around & $5 per angled bauble and about $2.50 per round bauble.    You can find them cheaper but I wanted them to be glass and to have a clear glass hanging top so it was no  obstructed by metal hangings.

Now here’s the hard part.. The branch.   At first my plan was to be super creative and find a big branch outside to use… But this was a task and a half and there are a couple of reasons i ended up opting for buying one.
First,  it was super hard to find a branch that was long,  and relatively branch less enough for use.
Second,  it needs to be relatively light because it will be super hard to get it on the ceiling otherwise.  At least,  without having giant distracting hooks in the ceiling.
Third, it needs to be transportable… Which is pretty difficult unless you plan on strapping it to the car or have an SUV.
Fourth,  bugs…. So if you plan  on using a real branch,  you really need to plan on roasting your branches to make sure bugs are not gonna fall on you in the middle of a meal.    The most common way to do this is to bleach it in the tub and/or roast it in the oven.   Well…  The branch I was looking for,  was too big for the bath tub and WAY too big for the oven! Sooooooooooo what to do?  I could have cooked it outside in the sun… But that requires no rain and well that’s not super easy to predict.
So ultimately I decided this was a lot of reasons to just buy one.  BUT… problem not over…. Where the heck do you get branches like this without spending a fortune?   Well I finally found a place one called blooms&branches who sold them for a slightly cheaper price,  especially if you catch them on a sale!
I ended up buying 2 because they didn’t have one single one that was large enough at the price I needed.  These branches are a bit more ‘branchy’  than the one in the original pic,  but it didn’t bother me too much.
This cost a good amount more than free branches,  but saved me a ton of work and heart ache.  I don’t often choose to buy over making it,  but sometimes it’s just worth it.
You will also need some strong fishing wire and  some white hooks and scissors of course,  to cut.

First step was to figure out how to hang the branches.  I hung them base to ends so they looked more continuous.  I also hung them with the fattest side facing the ceiling.   Choose some sturdy areas to tie strings to and  make sure you have balance by choosing an approximately equal number on both sides.
These strings were pretty short,  maybe an inch or two from the ceiling.    Place the hooks in the ceiling in corresponding locations.   I ended up using a lot of hooks,  about 15 because they were small and not super strong.  Plus I wanted to make them balanced.   I also ended up using those wall screw secure plastic things to make the hooks sturdier.
I didn’t end up needing all the hooks,  but used them for extra security.

Once you have it nice and secure,  plan out your baubles.   Decide where and how low the baubles you want to hang and cut your string accordingly.   Then hang them up securely.

Now the fun part!  You can fill them with whatever you want.   I used peat Moss that I got from the dollar store,  and a set of battery operated-remote control tea lights.    I got these from Amazon… FYI remote control ones are hard to find and kinda expensive,  but I was not about to turn every one on when i wanted to use them.


Place your Moss and your candles in and you are done! I accepted it with a long basket full of pinecone as a table centerpiece.


Not as sharp as the original,  but for my small apartment,  it is perfect.   People compliment it all the time!

Let me know what you think!  And if you liked this tutorial,  please like,  comment,  or share as I love to hear from my readers!


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