How to make a statement mirrored wall! #upcycled #cheap

So remember we were talking about statement pieces and mirror walls in my ikea Mirror Wall tutorial?
Well this is another one of those statement walls.


This wall is a statement for 2 reasons: the mirrors and the branch centerpiece (which will be my next post!). You can see the hanging candles if you look closely…. Oh and my cat litter and cat food lol.


Sigh,  such is the life of the crazy cat lady!

OK so here’s what you will need:
3 mirrors
Screwdriver for any hardware left on
Painters tape
Medium and small paint brushes
Clear coat spray paint/paint
Hanging supplies (wire, screws, mounting tape)
A great wall to put it on

So here’s what I started with…


Good base!!! (please ignore the background… We were moving at this point!) So this I actually picked up from a lady for $5 off Craigslist.   It was the trifold mirror top piece to a dresser.
Because the base pieces were so good,  there really wasn’t much work to do besides a new coat of paint!  Woo-hoo!
1. So we removed the hinges and hardware.
2. Then I taped off the mirror really well.    If you want,  you can just use Painters tape for this part,  but I also used scrap paper just in case I made a mess.
3. Then I lightly sanded it down with sandpaper. I focused specifically on the nooks and crevices because they were harder to get to. Wipe dust away.
4. One your surface is dust free,  grab your paint!  Because our wall was yellow,  I chose white for the mirrors for a clean pop.   But if your walls are white,  you can easily make the mirrors a fun color to match your decor.
5. I painted the majority of the mirror with the medium brush and used the fine brush to get into the harder to reach areas.
6. Let dry.
7. Clear coat that sucker!  So if you are lazy like me,  and would just rather spray paint it,  if you haven’t already,  then now would be a good time to tape down some paper or a bag on top of the mirror so you don’t get paint everywhere.     If you do get some overspray on the mirror,  use a razor blade to gently scrape it off.
8. Let dry.
9. To hang we used 3 rows of thick fishing wire and mounting tape.
We attached the wire onto the back of each piece and then put it on the wall.   This is definitely a two man job so you can get placement and evenness down.
10. Once the mirrors are in place,  add plenty of heavy duty mounting tape to the corners to keep them from shifting or falling.
Now step back and enjoy!

Oh wait!  Are you dying to see that branch centerpiece I was talking about?     Here’s a sneak peak!!!!


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