Upcycled Coffee /wine/ hot chocolate station


This ladies and gentlemen,  is why thrifting is so worth it.   This whole project cost me maybe $30; $5 for the cabinet (can you believe it!),  $5 for paint (at a recycling place),  and maybe $20 for all the rest of the miscellaneous stuff.   Many of the glasses we actually got from this couple who was clearing out their deceased parent’s house and GIVING away all sorts of great goodies!  So ya,  great deal!

This is what it started out as..


Great bones… But sad color.   Had some stickers on it and was missing some knobs… But overall  great condition.
For this upcycle you will need:
-‘coffee’ stencil
-permanent marker
-paintbrushes (I used 1 big,  1 medium,  and 1 small)
-fine tooth comb
-clear coat spray paint
-lots of towels/papertowels
-new knobs (if yours needs it)
-variety of glass jars (see below for more detail about things to put in your coffee station)

1. First things first, remove the knobs (or any other hardware) and any stickers as much as possible.

2. Sand,  sand,  and sand some more.     Okay but really,  you need to sand a moderate amount (once or twice)  to loosen the paint and create a rough surface for the new paint.
Wipe it down with a wet rag and then a dry one to remove dust.


3. Paint the whole thing a solid color of your choice.   Let dry. For mine,  I chose a teal for that was similar to the original but less blah.



This color does not have to be super solid as we are gonna cover it up anyways.

4. Add your second top color.   For mine I chose black.  For this part,  do one section at a time.   Paint a solid coat and before it dries,  run your fine tooth comb in lines all the way across the surface.    It’s easy to correct if you mess up, but move quickly so it doesn’t dry.



Repeat on all surfaces and let dry completely.

Notice how I went horizontal for the outside and sides but vertical for the shelves… I did this to add a little variety.
You can make your brush marks thinner,  thicker,  have more color showing or less color showing.  I opted for thinner with less under color because I really wanted it to be subtle and loved the texture.

This technique adds a very cool texture,  a very unique touch,  and a little bit of color to your piece.

5. Find or make a stencil for your top letters.  I spelled the word ‘coffee’ in Word and then expanded it to approximately 2 letter a page.   This was large enough for my surface.

6. Cut out your stencils and place them in the desired location on the cabinet.   You could tape them down but run the risk of peeling off some of the paint when you remove it.

7. Trace the stencil onto your cabinet with a permanent marker that is similar in color to your top color.  In my case,  I used black and was still able to see it.   If you can’t see it,  then choose a brighter color and be sure to paint over it when you paint the letters.

8. Choose your accent color.   I chose this great golden yellow that was the color we used in the kitchen for the accent color.   I filled in first with the medium sized brush,  being careful to stay in the lines. It may require a couple of coats. Let dry.


9. I then followed up with the little brush and made the edges of the letters cleaner and then let dry.


10. I then clear coated the whole thing with clear coat spray paint.   I chose spray paint so there was no risk of smearing colors or messing up the lines. Let dry and recoat if desired.

11. Add hardware back on.   I chose gold knobs to accent my ‘coffee’  color.


12.  Fill it up!
So I really had to plan out what I wanted in here.   I knew I wanted vases or jars for a bunch of these because they just make it look so expensive!  So this was my list:
-coffee container w lid
-sugar packet container
– straw container
-spoon container
– container for tea bags
– vase for k-cups
-shakers for cinnamon, cocoa, and nutmeg
-dry creamer container
-marshmallow container
-hot cocoa container
– abuelita container (Mexican hot chocolate,  Yum!)
-peppermint sticks container

Whew!  That seems like a lot more containers than how it looks!


So then fill them up!

Top shelf has liquor,  straws,  creamer,  tea,  kcups,  peppermint,  and abuelita.
Second shelf has marshmallows, hot cocoa,  cinnamon,  cocoa and all the bar glasses.  a


In drawers: I have things like placemats,  seasonal stuff and extras.


On top: coffee maker, coffer container,  sweetener vase,  and my vintage coffee maker!
Take a closer look at this beauty!


I found her at a thrift store for like $5.

Lastly,  I needed a place for my mugs and something on top of the bar because it had a bi


g open space.  So I added this shelf.

The branch piece is actually a candle holder that I found at the thrift store for like $2. The 2 smaller metal balls I got in a big pack of decorative balls at the thrift store which was maybe $4.   The large ball,  I made using a Styrofoam ball and metal tacks.

And there you have it…. My multifunctional coffee/alcohol /hot chocolate bar!


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