Remove Your Shoes Sign #diy #supereasy


Let me preface this by saying that I hate having shoes in my apartment!  It is pretty much completely carpet,  the cats get it dirty enough on their own,  their is a ton of carpet so cleaning it is a nightmare,  and it’s light colored so it shows dirt easily!  So asking guests to remove their shoes is a must!

This tutorial is simple enough,  especially because finding signs like this can cost you $15-20. I’m poor and simple jobs like this are not worth the cost for me.
You will need:
-A piece of wood with a hanger (or you can attach your own wire on top)
-fine grit sandpaper
-paint of choice
-paint brush
-permanent marker (or you could paint the lettering too)
-wall hook

1. So I found this piece at the thrift store for $1…. Yup $1.


You can’t tell in this pic but the piece already had a great metal hook attached so it eliminated a step.

2. I sanded it down just a little to help the paint stick and then wiped off the dust.
3. Paint it!  For this piece I used some leftover gray from the walls for my base coat.   Then I had texture and dimension by dabbing and smearing white,  black, and light blue paint into it using a  crumpled up plastic bag.
4. Once I got the look I wanted,  I let it dry overnight.
5. Then I planned out my lettering and lightly wrote it on the piece with my pencil. If you make mistakes,  you can erase it!  But press too hard and you could erase paint so be sure to do all of this step very lightly.
6.  Then I used a permanent marker to trace out my lettering and fill it in.  Because mine got a little dark with just the black sharpie,  I also went in with a silver sharpie and traced the lettering for some extra pop.
7. Place your wall hook in a visible location near the front door and hang the sign on it.
8. Enjoy!


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