Patio flowers #easy #apartment

So I live in an apartment and I hate that mine looks like everyone else’s..  Ya.. Lol I like being different (and cute).


We found these great old lock boxes at the thrift store for like $2. They have an opening on top and are stainless steel and super heavy so they won’t fall over.   I fit a piece of Styrofoam in the inside and began placing fake flowers into the Styrofoam.  Once it looked good,  I removed the flowers and Styrofoam and handed it over to Raymond.   He then used metal screws to secure it into the patio railing.   I then just slipped the Styrofoam and flowers back in!  Repeat on the other side!  It is super sturdy,  doesn’t get rained on,  easily changeable, and so cute! 

Then we had these 2 white curtains we were doing to add behind them to add extra pop.  Fold the curtain into thirds or whatever thickness works best for behind your flowers.  Then we placed two small hooks into the patio ceiling and two small holes into the curtain.   Hang the curtain from the hooks.   For the bottom,  we secured it to the patio railing with a staple gun.   We also secured it to the top-side of the railing with a few more staples so it wouldn’t blow away.   
And it was sooooooooooo cute!


I really feel like this picture does not do it justice!

But then my apartment complex said I had to take down the curtains because it broke up the uniformity of the complex…. Hello that was the point!  So I begrudgingly obeyed,  but totally left the flowers (and no complaints yet!)!   So here is a picture of it without the curtains…. Still cute,  but less pop.


So if subtle is more your thing,  this could be your solution.   

On a brief side note:
I also have a piece of long black tarp I placed on the backside of the railing and secured with a staple gun.   This was to allow me to have some stuff up there without it always looking cluttered and providing more privacy,  especially because you can see all the way through when the door is open.   It’s subtle and works perfectly.  
I added a piece of orange tarp to the floor of the patio to serve as a mock outdoor rug.   It allows me to go in and out in my socks without feeling like I’m getting my whole apartment dirty!  Plus it provides a pop of color and goes beautifully with my pillows and bar cart!  And it’s still subtle enough to not be an eye sore from the outside.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will like it, share it,  or both!
As always,  I love to hear your thoughts on things,  so leave a comment below!


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