Ikea Mirror Wall #stylish #onabudget


I have a few showpieces in my apartment and this is definitely one of them.  People LOVE this wall!
So when I was planning this wall I knew I wanted a dark hallway because I knew I wanted to have something like this to make it pop.   Dark colors are a fantastic base for art!  I also knew that I wanted to incorporate a lot of mirrors into my space to really accentuate the light open feeling it already had. 
These Ikea Malma Mirrors fit the bill perfectly!  They come in a few different colors and at $2/ea,  cost me less than $30 for this show stopping effect.

To get this look :
1. Measure your wall.   The Malma mirrors are 10×10″ and you want some space in between.    Figured out how many your wall will hold and how far apart you want them.  We put them an inch apart on the sides and 3 inches apart between each row.
2. Go to ikea, purchase an appropriate number of Malma mirrors, and try to stay focused lol.
3. Gather together nails,  hammer,  and wall stickies.
4. Make the man in your life hang them…. Lol.  This definitely was a 2 person job because they really had to be super straight.  I suggest using a yardstick or tape measure to mark all of your points first.  Then double and triple check those points.
Then have him hold them while you eyeball their location to make sure it is where you want them.   When it is,  have him place the nail into the wall and hang the mirrors loosely on it.   DO NOT put the stickies on yet because it allows you to make adjustments before you finish.


This definitely is a time consuming step (probably took us about an hour!)  but so important for the overall look.

5. Once everything is in place take a step back and really look for any crookedness or misalignments.  In the picture below you can see how the bottom 2 on the right are slightly askew.   We were able to correct this before we put the stickies on the back.


6. Once it’s all in place, take a pencil or pen and mark the sides of the wall where the mirror lies. This is to help you place it exactly where it belongs after you put the stickies on.
7. Remove mirror and place stickies along the edges/ corners.
8. Realign the mirror according to your marks and press the mirror firmly to the wall.   This will keep that mirror hanging straight forever!
9. Repeat steps 6-8 with  all the mirrors.
10. Step back and enjoy!


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