DIY Bathroom Sign People #socute #soeasy


So I have always wanted to have these on my bathroom door…. I’m not sure why,  but they are just so cute and add a bit of character to a boring door!
You will need:
-Cardboard (I used 2 flaps from a box
-A stencil like this one that I Googled :
-good scissors that can cut cardboard
-black paint (I used tempra)
-wall mount stickies

1. Print out your stencil… Decide how large you want it… I did almost a full page for each so they were about the size of my whole hand.
2. Cardboard- I did this soon after we moved, so I had lots of boxes to choose from.    You could use cardboard scrap paper but I thought it might be too thin.  Whatever your preference is,  decide if you need 1 or 2 pieces based on how large you want your people.   I used 2 pieces as each stencil was almost a full sheet of paper.

3. Cut out your stencil- try and keep the straight lines super straight so you can trace them easily. You should end up with a male and female stencil (if you are doing both)


4. Trace your stencils onto the cardboard piece(s).

5. Cut out the cardboard pieces.   Note: you could have painted before this step,  but I chose not to so I could paint the sides as well.
You should now have 2 cardboard cutouts.


6. Grab your paintbrush and some black paint and a give it a couple of good layers.  Let it dry.
7. Add some stickies on the black and mount it to your door!
8. Enjoy!
Told you it was easy and totally quick.   You could do this in an hour!  I get lots of comments on these when people visit!


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