Newspaper art #diy


So I found this fantastic pin on pinterest by CraftedLove


(   and knew I had to make my own version.    I loved the birds and the simplicity,  oh,  and the newspaper.

So I made my own!  Before I reveal,  let me preface how much I am not an artist,  just crafty.   So anyone can do this! Plus I thought the idea of making my own art piece for a centerpiece on the wall was very daunting… But I think it came out great!


And here’s a further back view…


And then one without the flash… Our yellow lights can give it a more yellow tone in pictures than in real life but either way it looks good.


So first,  our wall is huge… Like 16 feet tall… So this giant art piece was much smaller on the wall then it was to make.  

I used:
-half a ping pong table I bought for $2 at a recycling place
-newspaper I got for free
-black tempra paint I already had
-1 very fine paint brush
-1 medium sized paint brush
-1 sponge brush
-1 bottle Elmer’s glue
– 1 bottle of modge podge
-1 yardstick (or just a ruler)
-1 pencil
-1 black permanent marker


See… Literally a ping pong table… I chose this because it was cheap,  sturdy,  and lightweight to hang on  the wall.

First tear up your newspaper into a thousand different shaped pieces… Okay not literally a thousand,  but a lot!
I tried to stick to black and white pages only.
Then pour some Elmer’s glue on your board,  smear it with the brush,  and begin placing your newspaper,  focusing on full coverage.  
Once the entire board is covered,  go back and do another layer on top… This time focus on patterns and shapes that you want to see on the final product.   As before,  smear glue and put down paper.

Let dry.

Then take your modge podge and smear it all over the top of the newspaper in a thin even layer.  

Let dry.

Now take your pencil and draw out your design.  I really just free handed this,  and copied most of what CraftedLove did. 
Don’t forget to use your yardstick for straight lines.

I then traced all my pencil marks with the permanent marker to give myself more definite lines to stay within. 



Then just fill in the lines with black paint.   Vary your brush size to achieve some of the finer shapes.  
Let dry.
If needed,  do another coat of black to cover any thin spots.


Once dry,  grab your modge podge and do another thicker layer across the entire piece.   This will help protect it from the elements.

Let dry and hang!


Not too shabby for my first art piece!  My boyfriend loves it and has posted it all over fb already.   I think it’s a bit small for the space but am definitely not going to replace it any time soon.   Overall,  I think it came out pretty well!
Thanks for the idea CraftedLove! 
Hope yall enjoyed this entry as much as I did!


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