Drawer repurposed as cabinet floor

This was a very simple idea my boyfriend had that I thought was too creative not to share.
Our cabinets under the sink are dumb…. They are pretty unfinished.   There is no bottom, except a concrete floor.  In addition,  because it is wedged between the washing machine and the dishwasher,  there are no side cabinet panels either.    Oh and the fixtures are a bit old,  so the pipes are also pretty huge.    Such is the nature of apartment living.
Initially my boyfriend wanted to build an entire bottom,  but let’s face it… That’s a lot of work for an apartment… Plus not sure they would approve upon move out…..
So he came up with this great temporary fix.
We had been hanging onto these drawers (from my leftover desk project) for a few months, for no particular reason.  In fact,  I  was about to throw them out (mostly to prevent myself from taking on another project) when he came up with this.



These are just flipped over drawers…. They fit perfectly and another great idea by my oh so creative and thrifty boyfriend.

Please comment as I love to hear from my readers!


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