Apartment hide away trash can

So my apartment kitchen is really lacking in space,  so utilizing cabinets and wall space is a must.   I really wanted to have slide out trash cans… But our space was too small and not fit for it.   BOO!  So,  my boyfriend,  being the creative and thrifty man he is,  came up with this super easy,  super quick fix.


Keep in mind,  there is barely any space in the cabinets, and letting them sit on the floor was difficult to utilize regularly and taking up valuable space.    This was a lot cheaper and easier to change regularly.   Plus,  it’s an apartment and we are on a budget,  so quick workable fixes are fabulous here.
So here’s a closer up of what he did.


You will need:
a small waste bin that fits on the door.  2 brackets that extend the base of the bin.
2 screw hooks.
Bungee cord.

Screw them in,  tie on the bungee cord,  and slide in the bin.   Done!  We have one for trash and one for recycling,  and now the extra space is able to hold all the cleaning products.

Please comment as I love to hear from my readers!


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