Items I wish I had when moving! #movingfail #movingchecklist

Okay guys so I know it’s been like a million years since my last post,  but I assure you I have not forgotten about yall!  In fact I have some fantastic tutorials and pics and ideas in store for you!  Moving has been a job and a half  and school, a part time job,  and a boyfriend… Well time slips away really quickly.    So stay tuned for some really good stuff!


This post is about things I wish I had remembered to put in my ‘day of’  box but totally forgot to do!  #movingfail!
I foubd all sorts of checklists online to make day of moving so much easier… Even made checklists for my Cheklists…ya…
But inevitably,  you always forget something… Or lots of things,  ya know.
Here is my ‘should have remembered’ list.
Should have remembered :

*phone charger
OMG such a fail!  I was using my phone to take move in inspection pics… And IT DIED!   I went to like 3 places to find a frigging charger and only found car ones…. Until I went to Walgreens,  at which point I spent $15 on one…. Should have just gone home to get it or better yet,  brought one to begin with!

Ya so trying to line your shelves with shelf liner without scissors (or a knife)  really doesn’t work…. So I had to run out and get some (while searching for a charger).  *facepalm   who forgets scissors? Lol

This includes all batteries,  be it for your remote control,  a flashlight,  or a drill… Bring them with you.    I needed a flashlight to look in some areas to inspect…. But no batteries,  phone was dead… Fail!  Also could have remembered to charge up the drill before moving… Or at least brought the battery with me lol.

A bunch of different kinds!  One for the tub,  for the toilet,  a couple for the kitchen,  for the washer/dryer, and a couple extra for whatever other gunk you have to clean.    And not just soft sponges,  get some plastic scrubbing ones too.  (don’t forget cleaners for this respective rooms).

This is a big one,  especially if your electricity isn’t on when you first arrive!  We got the new apartment a few days in advance to paint and move,  so electricity hadn’t been turned on that first day.   Painting by moonlight is not easy!

Probably folding Chairs or camping chairs or really just anything you can sit in and eat your pizza dinner,  or just collapse into after hours of painting.    It beats the hell out of the floor when your back,  legs,  and hips are killing you from a hard day.

*bottled water
This should be given on moving day…. But if you are like me,  and dedicated a day or two to painting and moving in… Well,  it’s easy to forget this one,  and it’s pretty important.   If you don’t want buy bottled water,  make sure you at least have enough water bottles for every one and to leave around the house.

On a similar note,  while pizza is hands on,  sometimes you need a fork for that salad or a knife to cut that burger.   So instead of scrambling to find one,  be sure to bring at least one of each with you (better yet,  a set per person).

These are very  very important for painting,  so you don’t spill on your brand new carpet!  So grab so cheap tablecloths at the dollar store or some drop cloths from the hardware store and spread them everywhere!  We had a few bear mishaps because I did not have enough of these!
-also,  if your painting,  don’t forget brushes,  rollers,  paint pans,  a screwdriver to open cans,  a hammer to close them, and towels to dry clean brushes on.

*smell good stuff!
This one is such a big deal for me because it instantly makes your new place feel like home and does double duty if removing any unwanted lingering odors.    I went out and bought a bunch of those automatic spraying diffusers and a few car vent scents to attach to the vents that blow out air for an instant refresh!

Other suggestions might include-
Glue (gorilla, hot)
Tape (duct,  painters)
Trash bags
Paper plates
Paper napkins
Plenty of paper towels
Plenty of cleaning towels
Cleaning products
Fresh sheets
Fresh hanger of clothes
A few rolls of toilet paper
Carpet protective tape
Extension cord
Dish soap
Hand soap
Hand towels for bathroom
Smell good spray for bathroom
Pen and paper for notes on move in condition

Stay tuned for my next post about what common moving tips worked for me and what failed!

Please comment as I love to hear from my readers!


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