Moving announcements!!! #supereasy #lazy #socute

Alright so these are the easiest, fastest, cutest moving announcements ever! Haha!

They didn’t cost me anything because I had the supplies, but if you need to get the supplies it will just be the cost of a few sheets of scrapbook paper!

So, I know I haven’t posted a bunch, sorry, it’s been absolutely chaos at my apartment because, you guessed it, we are moving! So I really needed something fast and easy and that didn’t require pulling out all my scrapbook gear from the box it’s now packed in!

All you need is:
-double sided calendar paper, either from a calendar or loose leaf from the scrapbook paper section.
-black marker, or whatever color-not permanent because it might bleed through the paper though!

That’s it.. I know!!!

OK so the paper you want will look like this (ignore my premature cutting). On the back, it has the same border pattern but with lines to write on.

You can either use the bottom section, like I did with the months, or the top sections with the days of the week…. Or both for 2 slightly different cards!
I cut a size that fit well in my envelope, about 4×3 squares. I got 3 sheets from a 12×12 page.
Cut it out.

As you can see, I used the months in thus tutorial, but you can use days of the week too.
Take your marker and on the first row, write ‘we are moving’ or something similar.
Then for the second or third row, write the number date that you move on.
And then circle the month you move.
Then flip it over and write in your new address! Yay!
Excuse the blue lines here but I had to hide my actual address…. It looks much cleaner, like the bottom part in reality lol.
Don’t forget to sign with love!

And you’re done! Stick it in a card and be done with it! It literally took me 20 minutes to do 12, which was such a relief to check something else off without a ton of effort!
I hope you enjoyed these!

As I said, it’s been utter chaos at my apartment. We are moving late September so there are lots of projects and lots of packing going on! That does mean I won’t be posting a whole bunch because most projects are in the works and I want you to see then in the new place…. But I will try to keep giving you sneak peaks! In fact, I just posted sneak peeks 3 and 4, so go check them out! Bear with me guys, I haven’t forgotten about yall, and I think it will be worth the wait!

Please comment as I love to hear from my readers!


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