DIY Laundry Detergent that actually works, for about $20/yr!


So I have been considering doing this for a while because, well, it just seems like a very expensive convenience. If you recall, I am a graduate student living off of loans, so saving money is priority numero uno! But that doesn’t mean I will wear dirty clothes to save money on detergent….so there had to be some happy medium!

Cue pinterest and this ladies’ wonderful recipe found at Coupon Closet.  I followed it to the letter and it worked miracles.  I have a few cats and one has had some trouble adjusting to the others so she has been urinating on my clothes (grr!)!  So it was vital to have a good detergent!

As the blogger states, this works because it has so many cleaning agents in it!

I was skeptical about only needing a tbsp., but my boyfriend was downright against it.  So I did a batch of laundry with 1 tbsp. before he even had a chance to protest.  When I asked him how it smelled and looked, he said it looked and smelled great!  When I broke the news, he was flabbergasted and proceeded to do a few more loads with 1 tbsp. each just to see if it was true! And it was!

Amazing stuff!

My batch made enough for 2 gallon jars and about 1/3 of the oxiclean container.  At 1 tbsp. a load, it will definitely last forever and will likely be well worth the $20 up front!  She breaks down the numbers on her blog and says it comes out to over 500 loads!

This was so easy and took me maybe 20 minutes. I could not be happier and am very glad to have found such a great recipe!

Be sure to check out her blog so you can make some for yourself!



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