Pretty Light Tube Tutorial! #light #diy #unique


I am not sure where I saw this, I’m thinking something similar at Ikea, but I knew it would be easy, just gathering the materials.

I actually happened across this tube at the thrift store one day and knew it was perfect.

If you are not so lucky as I was, then you can find thin grated sheet metal at the hardware store for a couple of dollars.

light tube 1You will need:

large piece of grated sheet metal

duct tape


silver wire

white or silver twist ties

white strand of Christmas lights

extension cord

screw hook

So because I was fortunate to find this as seen in the picture, I did not have to do the first 2 steps….so no pictures for you.

1) Cut a few pieces of duct tape long enough to cover the long edge of the sheet metal; mine used 4 pieces= 2 on the inside and 2 on the outside.

2) Bend the roll into shape and secure with the duct tape along the long edge. Don’t worry too much about the taped side, it will be the backside, against the wall.   If, however, you are planning on having this suspended differently than against a wall, you will need to secure with wire.

3) Attach the lights to the inside in a circular pattern from one end to the other. Use twist ties to secure the lights to the inside of the metal grate.

light tube 2

4) When finished attaching the lights all the way down the tube, attach the metal wire to both ends of the tube in the desired length. Make sure that when you are securing it that you leave the plug towards one of the ends.

I kept mine pretty tight because mine was to be attached close to the ceiling.

5) Screw hook into wall or ceiling at desired location. Secure wire onto the hook.

6) Check that all the lights work when plugged in before putting into place.

7) If all is good, then attach to extension cord and secure onto hook.

8) Plug in extension cord.  I ran mine between the curtains and then to the floor, the cord hidden.

This is what it looks like with all the other lights off.  Yay Pretty!

light tube 3



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