Ab machine upcycled to table centerpiece

This is a great upcycle that cost me $3. Absolutely love it!

My coffee table is pretty large so I wanted a large centerpiece for it and this fit the bill.


A man in my apartment left this beside the dumpster and I saw so many cool parts on it,  I couldn’t bear the thought of it going to waste… In fact,  I still haven’t used all the parts!


I took off the leg pieces and the red bowl part and disassembled the rest for later use (I’m thinking the handle bars will make a good bike holder and the  round base on the bottom might be good for something).  The red bowl was slightly dinged up so I wiped it down and used a furniture fill-in crayon on it… It worked like a charm.
Then I took one of the leg pieces and placed it directly under the base to give it support and height.   It also allows it to spin like a lazy Susan.   All I did was center it directly underneath and drill a hole straight down into it.
There was a oval hole in the center in it so I found a small square teacup plate and glued it onto the hole.  This allowed me a flat surface to place a vase in the center.
I had this great ornate vase my grandma had given me that has a lovely patina to it.
Then I bought some of those lovely cinnamon scented pine cones on an after Christmas sale (99¢ a bag)  and scattered then around.
I had a bunch of tealight candles that I used to fill the vase,  but may end up replacing it with a large candle at some later point… Or even some decorative moss.
To top it off,  I added some little red Christmas birds I found at the same time (10¢ each)  around the vase.


And viola!  I think it looks pretty good… The more I look at it,  the more I like it!.



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