‘Missing you’ Thanksgiving tree

I made this because as a student,  I won’t be able to be home for Thanksgiving, so i was missing the family tradition of gathering for a large dinner w friends and family.    So,  since I am making my own Thanksgiving dinner this year (my brother will be joining me though!)  I decided to pay tribute to all my family so when we sit down to eat,  they are there with us.


You will need:
Construction paper
black marker
Scotch tape
3M mounting tape

1) trave leaves on construction paper
2) cut them out
3) write names of family and friends in black marker
4) roll up newspaper into various sizes- planning for a thicker base and thinner,  smaller branches



5) secure with scotch tape
6) add some strips of mounting tape to each


and start building your tree on the wall.    Remember to keep the base thick and the branches thinner.   Also don’t put them in perfectly straight lines.


7)  add leaves to each branch
8) make a statement sign,  like mine that says this is a missing tree…  I just traced my hand to make a turkey and added a beak and red gobbler and glued it to another piece of paper and wrote missing tree on it.


And viola.


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