Au Natural Thanksgiving Window decorations! #nature #DIY #supereasy

So I needed something to decorate my windows for Thanksgiving, but being a poor college student (and also time crunched) I needed to come up with something easy and cheap.  Well, one day on the way home I came across the hugest leaves outside my complex and had a great idea! Use them as décor!


You will need:


clear coat spray paint


well ventilated area

drop cloth (or trash bag- something to keep the spray paint from getting everywhere)

scotch tape



construction paper


black pen

glue stick

1) okay so first, gather some leaves

2) mine were all wrinkled so I laid them under a bunch of books for a night

3) clear coat one side of all the leaves and let dry

4) flip them over and clear coat the other side and let dry

5) write out Happy Thanksgiving using alternating colors of construction paper

6) then cut them out

7) cut cardboard to size

8) glue letters onto cardboard with glue stick

9) outline all letters with black marker

10) tape all onto window

and viola! a simple all natural window decoration!


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