Storage entry table—great impact, small bill

This was perfect,  I had tons of decorative piece and not enough places to put them and was also lacking an entry table.  So I came up with this!


I got these at big lots for a total of $60.  They were easy to put together a day with a runner on top,  look like one piece instead of two.    Be sure to alternate the backings so every other one is dark.
Now,  how to decorate so it doesn’t look cluttered…
Try to stick to no more than two items per cube.  Make the items relate to each other and putting them at angles makes them look nicer and also takes up less space. If it is a larger object,  keep it by itself.
And lastly,  consider color… I had quite a few teal,  gold,  and silver pieces so it was important to space them out so they weren’t next to the same color.  Alot of these pieces are things I found at the dollar or thrift store and spray painted or have tutorials on in this blog. The goal is to get a high end look with good quality and at a great price.


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