Shower storage baskets

This was such a great idea I saw on  pinterest and the minute I saw that my apartment did not have a curved shower bar,  I knew I had to do this.


So the idea on pinterest was much fancier but I tried my damndest to keep this cost effective and functional.   This ended up costing $25 (because of the curved curtain rod- otherwise it cost $3)
What you need:
Baskets with handles –  I got mine at the dollar store (2 for 1)
Electrical tape- keeps the baskets still and can withstand the water
And a shower rod

So it’s as simple as it looks.  You place the shower rod further back in the shower,  close to the wall but allow enough room for the baskets.   Then you attach a hook to a basket using electrical tape so it doesn’t slide around.   Then you put them on the rod.   Great idea for apartments without a lot of bathroom storage or a tub without a ledge.


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