Mock canopy Curtain headboard

So this was a little harder and a lot more expensive than planned but I just had to have it so to me,  it was worth it.


You will need:
Actual headboard
2 curtain rods
Screws and screwdriver to hang them
Curtain drapes (mine took 3 to get a full effect but could probably have used 4)
Sewing kit
Safety pins
Spoon flower (see my tutorial or go buy one)
2 woven placemats

First problem was,  I didn’t have a headboard.  So I went on Craigslist and found this jewel for $65 which I negotiated down to $35.  It’s a solid metal headboard and looks great in my room.   An actual headboard is necessary so that the drape can go behind it and you don’t risk pulling down the curtains.

Once you have your headboard decide where you want your curtains to start… I decided about halfway in the middle of the bed.


Screw one curtain rod into the ceiling and then one into the wall.   The first one is to hold the curtain and the second is to keep it in place.
Then get your curtain drapes.  They have to be drapes so that they are long enough to reach the bottom of the headboard. I found them at big lots for $7 each.  I folded over the edge of one and created a space for the rod to run through and sewed it into place.  So as I put up the first one I realized it did not have the fullness I was looking for so I went back to get a second,  and then a third (this was getting expensive).  Finally I had a nice full look (I could probably do a 4th to make it even fuller) and made sure it fell nicely behind my bed.  Decide how much you want the canopy to swag and then safety pin it in place.
Lastly you need a centerpiece.  I made mine in the spoon flower tutorial on this blog and then attached two woven placemats to the back to give it more heft.   I safety pinned the spoon flower onto the drapes,  making sure it was center and secure.


And viola!   This ended up costing around $60 but that included the headboard so all in all a great deal and really a great look for a good price.



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