How to organize your hall closet

So this one was more of a challenge.  Living in an apartment doesn’t allow you a ton of storage space so how do you maximize it?  With boxes/containers and a label maker.


In here I have space to grow and all the extras hidden to keep my apartment looking neat.
Top row extra bags,  air mattress,  and games for guests.
2nd row- tools. I used silverware dividers and medicine containers to sort nails and screws and have them sorted into things such as basics (which includes sticky tape,  hot glue gun,  magnets,  and a stapler), rings and hooks,  tapes and glues,  tools,  picture hanging tools, and extra candles.
3rd row- extra baskets,  febreeze, extra towels,  and greeting cards.
4th row- bathroom supplies.   One box has all my nail polish and supplies.  Another has any extras like medications,  first aid,  extra razors or deodorant, etc.  Also in this row is a box of things that ate not necessary to be in my purse but would like to be of the purse is large enough – ladies,  I know you know what I mean.
5th and 6th rows- I had a little extra room so I could spread this out some.   Both of these are seasonal rows that include all my holiday goodies… Oh and extra light bulbs… Hmm probably should move that to the tool row.  (OK back,  had to fix it lol).
And that’s it.   Keep it simple and remember three things when organizing:
Shoving it in a box or drawer is not organization – make sure that everything has its own place and that it always goes back
Label and put like items together
And lastly,  containers are a great way to keep chaos contained but remember that sometimes they take up more space then necessary.
Happy organizing



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