How to organize a pantry

This to me is very natural but have learned that most people think I’m crazy lol.   I do this because it helps me see what I have and what I need easily.

kit org 1

It’s really simple and short and won’t take forever to do.
Place like things in rows –  all beans in one row,  soups in another,  pasta sauce in another.
Utilize cabinet organizers for small things like spices or small tuna cans,  etc.
Every thing has a place and the place needs to be logical and be put away every single time.
Take things out of boxes and place in bags to minimize space.
Put cooking supplies near the oven,  snacks all together and easy to grab,  all cans together.  Chips,  cereal,  anything in bulky bags or boxes should be sorted together and minimize into bags or containers.
And… That’s all folks.


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